This Australian Spider Is Frightening And Beautiful At The Same Time

If you have a fear of spiders, you might not want to click through. But if you have a love for bright, colourful objects, then go right ahead!

This is a peacock spider, found only in small parts of Australia. Each one of these flamboyant creepy-crawlies was photographed by Jurgen Otto with a Canon 5D Mark III. In the photos, the spiders seem quite large, but they are actually not much bigger than houseflies. And those wildly coloured flaps — they're displayed during the spiders' mating rituals. Who would turn down that getup?

Check out a full gallery of peacock spiders at Jurgen Otto's Flickr page. [Flickr via My Modern Met]



      Oh grow a pair mate. :p

      Every time I see any spider related story there's people doing the whole 'burn it!' thing. Yes very funny. Can't imagine your reaction to something really dangerous!


        haha - wow. I thought I was a wimp.

    Never change Australia.

    The top image is a spider with a pattern of a different species of spider on it's back... Spiderception... I can't work out how this would develop over time in DNA. I think there's a more disturbing explanation - Out there somewhere, in the spider community, there's a little spider with an eye patch and tattoo gun scurrying around.

      Or maybe just an example of natural selection.....? That old Darwinism of the population being dominated by traits that enable survival

      The earth is flat tho

    Peacock spiders, yeah these guys are harmless. You can let them crawl on you and they'll just go about their business. Really skittish and jumpy though.

      You seek out the touch of spiders often?

        If you were really the batman you would not be scared...


          FCUK THAT!

    If ANY spider was to give you special spider powers upon biting you, THIS spider would be it.

      What if you get bitten by this one and you turn into a 'Peacock man' instead of Spiderman?

    It has 4 eyes!

      Most spider spaces have between 4-8 eyes, although there are some species with only 2.

      It has eight. Look closely at the second image!

    For size comparison ->

      Bullshit, really?

        It's a jumping spider, they are tiny and don't spin a web. They are little ninjas that hunt small bugs and stuff, they use their silk lines for abseiling.
        Cool little dudes really.

    He just wants to give everyone a high-five on that first one

    Would appreciate it if anyone can tell me where I can find some of these colorful monsters in Queensland. My photography(word?) senses are tingling.

      Are you SERIOUSLY asking if photography is a word.....???

      The art or practice of taking and processing photographs.
      photograph - photo - picture

      Young people today

        But where is the answer to my question old fart?

    Wow, amazing colour. Most of the jumping spiders I photograph are usually dull, although some have nice markings. Hard to shoot sometimes as they like to jump on the lens. Jumpers are my favourite spiders.

    Evolution: I think its time we need something with lots of eyes, legs and a pair of fangs.

    That also looks fabulous.

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