This 3D Printer Churns Out Three-Colour Objects As Big As A Basketball

We all know size matters. As, seemingly, does 3D Systems, because its latest desktop 3D printer is a whopper, with a build platform that can handle designs of up to 17,000 cubic centimetres. Yes, that is big enough to recreate a basketball.

The CubeX -- which 3D Systems modestly refers to as "the ultimate desktop 3D printer" -- offers up a resolution of 125 microns, and yet can print objects as large as 27cm x 26.5cm x 24cm. And unlike a lot of desktop 3D printers, it does it in three colours too using either PLA or ABS plastics.

Designs can be printed direct from a computer, or even by simply plugging a USB stick with the design into the device. Child's play. The downside? It'll set you back a cool $US2500. [3D Systems via Engadget]



    2500 seem like a reasonable price to me.

    $2,500 isn't much compared to the new Makerbot 2X's, they're around $2,000.

    Know a dude at Uni who made a bong with one of these. That's about it.

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