These Warped Chairs Are Actually A Mind-Melting Optical Illusion

These warped chairs, designed by French studio Ibride, have so many hidden features it's making my brain wrinkle at a rate it's never scrunched up before. The optical illusion is to show the chair with a classic silhouette from one angle, while the actual sitting of the chair requires a completely different angle. It's a mind trip! You sit in a chair completely different to what your eyes see.

There are three chairs — the Hidden Shaker, the Hidden Terence and the Hidden Wagner — and all three look completely different given the angle you look at them. For example, the Hidden Shaker, which is inspired by the Shaker religious movement, looks like this:

It's the same chair, except viewed at different angles. The left shows what you actually sit on, the right comes from a different angle to show the illusion of a tradition chair design (you can't actually sit on it that way though).

Same with the Hidden Terence and Hidden Wagner. This is the part of the chair you actually sit on. Warped looking and all.

This is what someone to the side of you sees. What a trip, right?

Dezeen actually shows off the effect in the video to the left. Even if I sat in these chairs every single day for the rest of my life, I'm pretty sure I'll never completely figure it out. [Dezeen]

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