There Is A Motherf**king Snake River On Motherf**king Mars

"Snakes on a Planet?" asks the Mars Curiosity Rover to herself. "No, but this sinuous rock formation I spotted on Mars looks like one." WHATEVER, Mars Curiosity Rover! I've had enough of your lies!

NASA calls this sinuous rock feature the Snake River, which I like, even while it's not a snake nor a river. It's actually a "a thin curving line of darker rock cutting through flatter rocks and jutting above sand".

The science team "plans to get a closer look at it before proceeding to other nearby rocks". According to Curiosity's scientist John Grotzinger:

It's one piece of the puzzle. It has a cross-cutting relationship to the surrounding rock and appears to have formed after the deposition of the layer that it transects.

I like when John gets all geologically kinky.

The panorama was taken using Curiosity's Navigation Camera during the 133rd Martian day of the her mission. [NASA]

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    The long-awaited Samuel L Jackson sci-fi franchise is writing itself.

    Couldn't come up with an inoffensive title? Shame.

      Offended by a censored version of the *gasp* F-word? Shame.

    We are so way behind, were still getting excited by a small robot taking pictures of "Rocks" on another planet, nothing else, big deal, they may tell us stuff, but what about the whole real reason for this, to find another living species out there so we can invest in and boost our economy!

      I was going to reply to this, but I ended up coming up with a movie idea.

      Yeah, I mean, this thing the Wright Brothers built is ridiculous. Why can't we have enormous jet airliners *immediately*?

      Tell ya what, dark_ichigo, let us know how your mission goes.

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