The Web’s Most Popular Browsers And Operating Systems… In Real Time

The Web’s Most Popular Browsers And Operating Systems… In Real Time

I doubt anyone is overly fascinated with usage stats for browsers and operating systems. Well, not to the extent where they must feed their cerebral cortex with this information on a second-by-second basis. If you must, however, then “Per cent of the Internet” is the site for you.

Put together by web stats firm Chartbeat, Per cent of the Internet displays real time usage numbers for the most popular browsers and operating systems. The page itself just shows a bunch of icons — Chrome, Internet Explorer, Linux’s Tux and so on — but clicking on one of these will display the percentage of the internet using that piece of software. At least according to Chartbeat.

Notably absent is information for mobile operating systems and browsers. I’m assuming this is the case as clicking the Apple logo only shows stats for Macs and the number for Linux users wavers between zero and one per cent, which does not account at all for the many, many Android devices that are browsing the web right now. As expected, Windows delivers the biggest number at 75 per cent, though it popped up to 76 per cent a few times while I was watching.

At the moment, it’s little more than a interesting curiosity, but that’s forgivable given it was thrown together in just two hours. Chartbeat, however, may expand the site’s functionality, according to a report by VentureBeat:

[ChartBeat] built the page in two hours … it is based on an application programming interface Chartbeat created by pulling all of its client data and making the client anonymous.

“We’ve already received some awesome feedback, so we may decide to expand on it and spend more than two hours on it in the future,” said Chartbeat brand manager Lauryn Bennett.

My suggestion for the first improvement? Definitely get some mobile stats up there.

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