The Ultimate Insider’s Look Into A Lifetime Of Nature Filmmaking

The Ultimate Insider’s Look Into A Lifetime Of Nature Filmmaking

Spanning the 50 year transition from tremulous black and white to razor sharp hi-def, “Attenborough’s Life Stories” essentially serves as a David Attenborough retrospective dished out in three installments, all hosted by the legend himself.

Covering the entirety of a career that began in the 1950s, the series provides an incredible, nearly unprecedented look into the history of wildlife photography, which is inextricably linked to Attenborough’s own. It’s a behind-the-scenes side of nature film that we rarely get to see, one which shows that technological advancements can really only take us so far. As Attenborough says:

These days, with every year that passes, we seem to get more and more equipment-longer lenses, more electronic bits of kit-but in the end, often the most memorable shot comes from just one camera, and one person with a deep understanding of the natural world.

Part 1, which can be watched in full below, focuses on programs like BBC’s Zoo Quest that allowed Attenborough and his crews to first capture the public’s interest. The second and third parts in the series will air on January 23 and February 6 respectively.

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