The Only Person North Korea Follows On Twitter Is This American Dude

The Only Person North Korea Follows On Twitter Is This American Dude

North Korea’s lea the charge in a lot of areas, fictional animal lair discoveries, for one. But South Korea’s crazy cousins to the north aren’t exactly known to excel at internet culture. So while it’s no surprise that its official Twitter account only follows three accounts, it is surprising that the only active user in that very small bunch is some American dude named Jimmy Dushku.

Even Jimmy, who’s pretty much just your average diehard Coldplay fan and Dennis Quaid golfing buddy, is unsure how it started, According to Mother Jones:

“People always ask me how it happened, and I honestly can’t remember,” he says. “It started sometime back in 2010. I was initially surprised, but I always try to make friends with people from all different locations and backgrounds.” “Out of courtesy,” Dushku says, he followed North Korea’s account in return, and they began communicating.

Jimmy’s brief “Have a nice day, my friend” message to the dictatorship was met — surprise! — with death threats, mostly from South Koreans and Korean-Americans.

Things have died down by now, but Jimmy claims to have a standing offer from North Korean officials to visit the country, a prospect he may still take them up on. Eric Schmidt, eat your heart out.

The whole thing’s pretty fascinating,though. You can check out Mother Jones for the full profile. [Mother Jones] [clear]

Picture: AlCapone31/Wikimedia Commons