The New Xbox Will Probably Arrive At E3 This Year

It seems that everything is aligning for the launch of the next generation Xbox at E3 2013. We knew that the rumours are piling on. Then someone told us that the Xbox buildings at Microsoft's campus are on lock down. And now we know that Xboxmeister Major Nelson is very excited about E3.

So excited, in fact, that he just posted a countdown on his blog. "And it's on..." he says. Just 159 days left.

Indeed, it seems they are ramping up for a major launch. I doubt these signs have any other explanation but a next generation console. One that is designed to be a lot more than just a game console, finally completing the Xbox evolution, and which will be completely merged with Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. [Major Nelson]

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    I doubt it will go on sale this year.

      Rumours are ramping-up about the possible release of a PS4 this year or early next year, which has to put pressure on MS to release a new Xbox this year, especially given that the XBox 360 was launched 12 months before the PS3.

    The machine itself is almost immaterial at this stage - yeah, it'll be more powerful and probably capable of rendering everything at 1080p (finally) instead of upscaling. It's the software, services and interface that will make all the difference - and if they're going with AMD hardware, let's not forget that AMD and BlueStacks are kida close-knit... Xbox 720 could out-Ouya Ouya!

      This man speaks the truth. The 360 and PS3 are woefully underpowered compared to where you can push a modern gaming PC but they provide a different experience.
      Developers will always push the hardware as far as they can, but what we're looking for in a console is the rest of the experience.

      The Wii might be underpowered but it's not as well loved because it doesnt provide the experience people want. Be very interesting to see if the next Xbox is an evolution or a revolution.

      Ouya has nothing to fear from any of the three players in the console market, and you should know that.

    It felt like we just had E3. 159 days can't come soon enough though!

    I can't wait!

    Oh boy oh boy does this mean dirt cheap 360s? I'm sure the new one'd be great but to be honest I'm more interested in cheap 360s.

      JB HIFI have cheap PS3's for $249.00. Was thinking of getting one, my old PS3 fatboy's just about shit its pants. When it dies I'm gonna pull it apart and do brain surgery on it.

      Last edited 06/01/13 3:30 pm

    When the stars align like that it can only mean 1 of 2 things. Another baby Jesus or a new Xbox.

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