The Messier You Are, The Harder This Dust-Detecting Samsung Vacuum Works

Dyson's not the only company capable of vacuum innovation these days. Samsung shows it's still in the housecleaning game with a trio of new stealthy vacs, including the champagne-tinted SC96 which uses a multi-chamber design that's promised to deliver longer suction while being a lot quieter than its predecessors.

The sound dampening is made possible through a customised airflow design which keeps the rushing wind to a dull roar, but the vacuum is also able to automatically adjust its suction level on the fly thanks to sensors that detect the amount of dust and dirt that's being drawn in. So if you're a neat freak, you'll be rewarded with a whisper-quiet cleaning routine. And if you're a real-life version of pig pen, the $450 SC96 will ramp up the suction in an attempt to tackle your mess.

[Samsung via Appliancist]



    In best Samsung tradition!
    All you do is steal cyclone system from Dyson, then add a handle and "dust sensing" thingy from Miele.
    Now they are very innovative !!!

      Ummm... Dyson didn't invent the cyclone vacuum. There was a patent for it in 1928. In 1979 James Dyson adapted the design from industrial saw mills. Go on bash samsung, we know you own an iPhone.

        And a domestic cyclonic vacuum cleaner was introduced to the market in in 1939. Research is your friend.

          Research is your friend, and it seems Samsung's too. Before Dyson, and it's success, they were researching, as you now, after my comment. :)

        So why Samsung did not use this patent before Dyson? About Miele, any comments?
        I have iPhone and Sony phone, and Nexus 7. Any reply on this?
        Look at Samsung washing machines - diamond shaped drum. Stolen from Miele.
        Any reason to defend them? Apart from blind loyalty?

          In your first comment you said steal. And in the comment above you have said use. The reality is they have probably paid to use the patent like every other company on this planet pays to use patents. It's called invitation and advancement. So did they steal it or have they paid for rightful usage of the patents and combined the 2 into one product? I'm also an instrument technician by traded and dust sensing to increase airflow is also widely use everyday including in your car.

            Ian, all I am saying that Samsung did not innovate. Do you disagree?

              I do but that's the definition I understand. As an example, not bashing apple nor suggesting your a flag bearing fan boy, the iPhone is an innovation. Apple had a vision and used existing components and technologies to build the iPhone, a stunning smart phone of the day. Sure they might have restructured a processor to run it but smart phones and those technologies existed. Just not as refined or as innovative as the sum total of the existing technology used to build the iPhone. Sure, samsung have used others technology and they have possibly paid for those rights, yes not always as we know. Improving, combining, refining are all forms of innovation..

      Good artists copy. Great artists steal.

      1. Its a multi chamber system not a cyclone system.
      2. The Miele sensor adjusts according to the floor surface not to the amount of dust.
      3. I was half expecting you to also claim that the Apple iPhone sucks to the max.

    I defended them because you basically jumped up and down like Dyson invented cyclonic vacuums when if fact they didn't. Several other brands such as hover, Electrolux, bissell and several other well know brands have also manufactured them but you haven't bashed them. As for the dust sensing has also been around for years. My friends mother had one back in the 80s with an ir sensor doing the dame job. Again if you did your research you'd see nothings new, mearly inivation not invention. So no, sasmung has stolen nothing in this case.

      Previous iPhone owner. Current owner LG, Htc, Samsung, Motorola, Apple Mac mini, iPads, galaxy tab. So no blind loyalty here.

        I own:
        Nexus 7
        Galaxy 2
        Ipad Mini
        Sony U
        MacBook Air
        FreeNAS 20TB own build server

        IMO, Galaxy 2(original) is the best Samsung product ever.

      You did not research anything at all. You have started research, because I have posted. See the difference?
      Dyson got successful by selling Cyclone, Samsung decided to copy. Miele have build a brand in vacuums on dust-sensing, Samsung did copy that.
      Miele have introduced their drum shaping technology, Samsung did copy it.
      Apple... you know ;)

      I do not care less bashing Samsung, some of their products are very good. But calling them innovative, is wrong.

      Dyson did see the potential of the technology, and he did good. Samsung was not there, at a time, just now. Good for them, not innovative.
      Same goes to other technologies.

    I have recently moved to Pert, and see that Samsung is a dominant device here :)

      Welcome to Perth, aka the sauna at the moment. Really? I seem to see it the other way around and iPhones are abound. Unfortunately me and the iPhone never really got along but the last one I had was a 3G and they have come along way since then I believe.

    In wich case items such as the iPhone (only as an example, I'm not anti apple products, nor am I suggesting you are a flag bearer of the support team) are not an innovation under your definition as the components and features used to build the device already existed, gsm radios, wifi, capacitive touch screen, keyboardless phones, rectangles with rounded corners, unibody etc. Apple had a vison and used a mix of components to acheive something innovative. Samsung have combined 2 technologies wich by defintion, and if its not been done before in such a device, is innovation, admittedly for a vacuum cleaner of all things. When dyson brought the cyclonic to the market they marketed correctly stating benifits and while it was expensive and almost exlusivly japan bound it eventually flew off the shelves. But to say samsung stole without actually considering they might have paid for patent usage is a bit steep.

      Samsung stole the success story. They have never come up, with something new (in a way of a successful product)
      Again, I disagree that Samsung is innovative company.

    Jesus. Vacumn cleaners and now what. iPhones vs. Galaxies?

    I purchased the Samsung because I have had many of their products and they are all awesome. I have never had problems with any of them. This will be my first cyclone type vacuum. Nothing better than a great company who makes things " better" regardless of where the technology originated. Samsung customer for life !

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