The Mathematically Most Efficient Way To Sort Socks

The Mathematically Most Efficient Way To Sort Socks
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Computer scientists around the world have been stumped by a vexing mathematical problem for ages: How does one go about sorting a large pile of socks when said socks are different? How does one model the plane of possibilities? The solution has arrived, and it’s much simpler than you think.

Mr Kottke reports the findings of his own personal study, which it turns out is simpler than anything science has otherwise come up with.

1) Throw all your socks out.

2) Go to Uniqlo and buy 15 identical pairs of black socks.

3) When you want to wear socks, pick any two out of the drawer.

4) When you notice your socks are wearing out, goto step 1.


Computer science be damned. [Kottke via Twitter]

Picture: Sergemi/Shutterstock