The Human Face Makes A Pretty Good Musical Instrument

Although music usually comes from people's voices or people thumping something on another thing or people wisping their fingers across strings, Japanese artist Daito Manabe found a new form for a musical instrument: the human face. Yep, facial songs.

The way he set it up was by linking electric sensors to a person's face (it looks like they're going under an insanity test or something). If the face moves a certain way, well, it'll trigger the specific sound attached. Squint to sing, I guess. It's not exactly Mozart on a piano but it's still music (what isn't music these days).

The idea behind the project is to create music out of the human nervous system — what do we naturally sound like? Can you imagine if a real singer — someone who, um, doesn't exactly make the prettiest faces while they sing (think Kelly Clarkson or John Mayer) — got hooked up to Manabe's system while actually singing too? Would their face music sound as good as their voice music? Would it harmonize? I need to know who's the best face singer. [The Creators Project via Design Taxi]

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