The Gigantic Aeroscraft Is Finished -- And It's Awesome

Good news, people! The gigantic Aeroscraft — a new type of rigid aircraft that is neither a blimp nor an aeroplane — is complete. This thing can change the way we understand travelling, as well as military transportation. You can see a video of its first move here.

According to the company, "the final configuration and vehicle systems integration functionality testing has been completed as the Aeroscraft subscale demonstration vehicle reaches the finish line." The aircraft will enter a flying tests phase over the next 60 days. After they are done with the testing, they will build the full scale version. Yes, this gigantic aircraft is only a small version of what's coming. Imagine that.

Aeros CEO Igor Pasternak thinks that "this is truly the beginning of a vertical global transportation solution for perhaps the next 100 years." Indeed, it may become just that. Imagine having the capability of transporting huge amounts of material or people across any distance, without the need of any ground infrastructure.

The civilian versions would be able to offer air cruises at any altitude. Just like a cruise ship but over land. Imagine taking the most awesome trip over a three or four days, from New York to San Francisco, slowly flying over the Grand Canyon or the Rocky Mountains, watching the incredible scenery while sipping on a cocktail or comfortably having dinner in a restaurant with huge glass windows. Then, at night, you will sleep in your comfortable room. That's what the full-size Aeroscraft will be able to offer and I will be the first one in line to experience it.

There will also be cargo and military versions too, capable of transporting anything from ISO-standard containers — like any cargo ship — to tanks and hundreds of soldiers.

I can't wait to see these giants cruising over Earth's skies. [Aeroscraft]


    And to make it even cooler the lighting in the hangar makes it look like a giant watermelon.

      Should've used green lighting. Now all they gotta figure out is how to make it bomb something.

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    I see a definite rise in UFO sightings after this

    I've looked through the Aeros website and I can see what advantages they say this aircraft may have over other kinds of aircraft in theory, but I can't see an actual explanation of the capability of its "internal ballast system" that explains why it doesn't require any taking on of extra weight during the offloading of cargo to ensure it stays stationary or vice versa.

    Seriously, if you are going to say the next Hindenburg is something revolutionary at least give some compelling reasons for it's practical use. It just looks like someone likes "Flight of the Naigator" and wanted to copy the ship.

    Last edited 05/01/13 1:50 am

      Good one - give me "minus 1" because the developer doesn't actually explain how it works. Better than a "minus 1" would have been a reply explaining the concept or giving a link to the explanation. Oh well, haters gonna hate!

    L-"What part of non-flammable helium are you still not getting?"
    A-"Obviously the core concept Lana"

    "New Kind of Aircraft", uh NO...

    Blimps are not Rigid. Historically this (airship with rigid frame) would have been called a derigible...

    The ballast system is good, allowing helium to be recompressed to increase weight to for height control (this feature not covered in article). Variable buoyancy airship with shape morphing from aerodynamic lifting sections to ovoid blob was patented back in 1991, so that general concept is well into public domain.... (may even be a reason for this company releasing something "real" now.)...

    Hover pads to get around on the ground is good (though not new).

    Why do they need multiple lifting gas turbine engines, for vertical lift-off if it is lighter than air... 6 electric ducted fans should do the job... (I realise that they dream of making a 500 tonne lifter, and that will need significant power....)

    Love to see more dreams become reality... Working on it..

    there's non-flammable helium now? Really?

    Cos surely they've found a way to have no more hindenburgs right?

      pretty sure the hindenburg was full of hydrogen not helium. which is an inert gas.

        Lol! I feel dumb. yr 12 chemistry is almost half a lifetime away. I've forgotten everything about it.

        Thanks for letting me know.

    I thought the earth's supply of helium was slowly running out.

      Yeah they better stay the hell away from our helium we need it for MRI's

      We'll have a huge supply of it once we master nuclear fusion reactors. Then again, fusion reactors have been "10-20 years away" for about the last 50 years.

    What an interesting company - working in aircraft and wind-powered electricity generation. I caught a line in their corporate information that their CEO, Mr. Pasternak, "is also focused on utilizing the Aeroscraft to streamline logistics for the Wind Energy Industry to help increase power generation through the production, transportation and installation of larger wind turbine components."
    It would be fascinating to see if they eventually put the turbines on their blimps / dirigibles - I remember reading any article about kite-powered turbines that take advantage of higher wind speeds at higher altitudes (

    it looks like some 12 year olds science project

    just enlarged 1000 times

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