The Coolest Cameras At CES 2013

The Coolest Cameras At CES 2013

Camera manufacturers announced so many awesome cameras late last year. We honestly weren’t expecting much from them at CES this year, but some big manufacturers delivered the gear anyway. Here are four dope new shooters that all surprised the megapixels out of us.

Fujifilm X100 and Fujifilm X20

Been following the saga of the fancy Fujifilm cameras? Here’s the overdue refresh you’ve been waiting for. These new ones finally have guts good enough to match the bodies’ style. More »

Canon PowerShot N

It’s not too often that a point-and-shoot camera designed for beginners surprises us, but the Canon PowerShot N turns the cams’ conventional design on its head. The new squat style is small and and eye-catching, and its controls have been redesigned around a capacitive touchscreen and a shutter. More »

Samsung NX300

The Samsung NX300’s a big revamp of last year’s NX210, adding a lot of common-sense improvements — plus a 3D photo and movie mode — to Samsung’s mid-range mirrorless camera. You have to see how Samsung designed this mirrorless model to shoot realistic 3D photos and video from a single lens.More » []

Sigma’s DP3 Merrill

Sigma puts a bunch of fantastic components in some fairly drab black bodies, and there you have the excellent, unorthodox DP line. The new Sigma DP3 Merrill, a boxy shooter with a 50mm f/2.8 lens, joins the 19mm DP1 Merrill and the 30mm DP2. The three are a glorious triumvirate of bland black boxes built around a badass 23.5 × 15.7mm Foveon X3 sensor. More »