The Complete BlackBerry 10 Video Walkthrough: Surprise!

This is the new BlackBerry 10, two weeks from its official release. And while visually it looks like a cross between Android and iOS -- without any of the spiffiness of Windows Phone -- RIM's make-or-break operating system is surprisingly nice. Fast, with clever user interface touches, a centralised hub for all user activity and a good browser.

It may be too late, but after spending some time with BB10, I can't shake the feeling that it may make former BlackBerry users fall in love with RIM again -- and perhaps even make some disenchanted iOS or Android junkies jump ship. Or maybe BB10 will just be to RIM what webOS was to HP: a nice phone operating system that faced too many ifs, and two formidable enemies who own the market. And, unlike Microsoft and Windows Phone 8, RIM doesn't have really deep pockets to keep this alive during the long battle against all odds that lies ahead.

But what RIM has done here is admirable. BB10 won't be the prettiest mobile platform on the block, and it's still an app desert. But it's thoughtful, functional and fast in ways that BlackBerry hasn't been in years.




    I can see this keeping current Blackberry users, but not pulling in new customers from apple/android.

    The keyboard is very clever. Putting word suggestions on the keys saves you having to look up for suggestions and would make typing much quicker, I reckon.

    BB has always been about business users. There are things about Android and iOS many business users might not like. Not to mention Windows Phone, which has gone extra-consumer (not a criticism!)

    For the business users, this looks fantastic. The focus is on usability of the things that are part of our daily lives, like typing message, scheduling, organizing etc.

    I'll give them credit, they've got some real intuitive ideas there, and in a way, I hope they succeed with the platform.

    Am I the only one who'd love to see this succeed?

      Yes you are the only one...

      I like the alarm clock but really that is just a clock app that could be done by anyone. The actual OS looks outdated and that is a worry for a company competing with other brands that do not look outdated. MDM software for IOS and Android is coming closer to the BES and in some ways are already better. Saying blackberry is the best business phone is just not warranted anymore, not to mention that staff now days are insisting on their own choice of phone rather than being forced to have the company assigned phone. Since BB is not a popular consumer phone, staff are invariably bringing an iPhone or Android.

        No, They are not the only one

        Dated? Well so does every single OS out there then, Particularly IOS.
        Coming close to BES? So you imagine that RIM is sitting on its hands and doing nothing but let the competition close in? These phones will never be as secure and the BB line are natively.
        BB isn't the best business phone because business needs are so varied these days. However I believe business that put a very high price on confidentiality and security will always look to BB first

        So was it worthy of a negative vote? It's not like I said anything offensive at all, god people on this site are pretentious. I know it wasn't you. Anyway, it does look modern, I have no idea what you're talking about, it looks fast too from what I've seen of it, if it picks up a good app store numbers then I'd happily invest in one.

    Should be called the BB-ME-2.

    Why buy something that's essentially identical to everything else on offer in the market at what will be a higher price with fewer apps and the stigma that is the BB brand? You couldn't pay me to use this as my one an only phone.**

    **Offers of or above AU$5,000 p/a considered.

    I find that there seems to be a lot copied from Microsoft and Windows Phone.

    I'll explain:
    The UI changes when in TILE mode = Live Tiles
    HUB concentrates all your activity = The use of HUBS
    Everything is tightly connected. = Windows Phone integration
    The keyboard learns from your usage = Wordflow
    Double personality = Kid's Corner
    The IT department can push apps = Company apps
    Time shifting camera = NOKIA Smart shoot

    I don't see much originality here, just a lot of copied features.

    Is it me, or does anyone else agree.

    I quite like what I see, and will gladly dump my iphone 4S to go there.
    RIM have integrity - they're not style whores.
    I really hope they have also found a sweet balance between corporate greed and long-term user value - unlike said iMaker.
    Particularly impressed that unlike MS and apple - they use decent sized fonts and colour schemes that increase the visibility of o-screen information.

    @Kendal, come on really? You have no idea what this phone is going to cost. And by identical if you mean has icon grids, a touch screen and can make phone calls then why would you ever buy any other phone? Or any thing for that matter? The similarities to other phones are what we, the consumer, like about the current smartphones, so they are included. But there is much about BB10 that will separate it from the others

    @mrsambo The ui doesn't change, the app is minimised and an active frame is maintained that updates with current information while your in a separate section of the os.
    Does WP8 have a hub? Or central message area? Because it definitely didn't ship with one, and BB10's hub was announced well before MS release its "Patch" To bring such a feature to WP8
    Everything is tightly connected? So by you reasoning nothing should be connected or its a copy? So WP8 really is a copy of IOS then, but with a little bit more integration?
    Wordflow? RIM had that same predictive text feature on the Playbook, far before WP8 was anywhere near completion. Im afraid you have things the wrong way around here
    Kids corner is designed for your kids to play with your phone so they don't break things afaik. Balance is designed so your phone has a separate work side that is completely separate from your personal data, designed so that you can use your phone how you want and still have the ability to use it for work as a secure device. Can you honestly not see a difference between the two?
    Company apps? Im not even sure what that is and google didn't tell me. Answer me this though, if your phone is lost can could your company complete wipe any and all work related information from it remotely?

    There is so much about this OS that has yet to be announced. Personally I think it'd be better to wait and see what they are offering, maybe handle the device before deciding its a WP8/IOS/Android clone. Just a thought

    How well this will do depends on how much apps will be available.
    Traditionally, BB apps are quite expensive, followed by Windows Phone apps. If this expensive apps trend continues in BB10 then customers may just go elsewhere.
    It is refreshing for people who have been using the same old same old tired iOS and Android interface for years. So initially might see a good uptake. Also telcos who try to profit huge from this may discourage customers too.
    Blackberry have always offered free email and internet access so long as it comes from the Canadian server, wonder if this will continue.

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