The Clearest Shots Yet Of BlackBerry's Great QWERTY Hope

Blackberry Empire claims these are shots of RIM's N-Series BB10 handset that have leaked ahead of the official BB10 launch on January 30. If these are real shots, we're intrigued to actually hold the phone to see how it handles.

The shots show the phone running RIM's surprisingly functional new OS. From what we can see in the images, the handset's squat, rounded design looks like a mashup between the smartphone status quo of today and the conservative simplicity that made RIM the businessman's phone of choice for a decade. Whether this is the QWERTY saviour RIM needs, we'll just have to wait and see. [BlackBerry Empire via BGR]


    We have blackberry to thank for a lot of technical advances with email on smartphones today...i for one would love to see them back near the top

    Viva La BB

      No we do NOT good sir! Blackberry jumped the gun with putting out half-witted devices which caused early adapter to incur high on-the-go charges and therefore failed miserably at creating a 'good' product furthermore continue doing so. They only good thing BB's entry into the market was the full keyboards and the fanc'ier looking phones. To day, they are a pain and costly to set up for our mobile clients.

      Moreover I am disappointed in the Gizmodo team for actually paying them any attention at all without replacing all the full stops with lols. I hate BB's with a passion!

        I was the IT administrator at a law firm for 6 years and have configured many a blackberry server and hundreds of devices...they can be very painful from an administrators point of view I will agree, one thing the BB did well was data management, when our staff went overseas and used the BB for emails, surfing, etc the roaming charges were about 1/10th of what they were after we moved the whole fleet to iPhones, admittedly a big part of that was the fact they were being used more but even the most basic of users that would only check email on either device still had quite a large difference in the size of their bill. The levels of compression of data and the amount of data used to poll the exchange server was quite substantial, then there is the ability to remote wipe/control/rebuild a device, you still cant do that with an apple device without 3rd party software. iPhones and androids today wouldnt be the beasts they are without blackberry first standardising those features in the first place.

        BB's have their good and bad hoping this latest release will see them resolve some of those bad ones!

          I'm also a sys admin and you can (and I would recommend) setting up a device with apple's iPhone Configuration Utility. Unlike third party MDM solutions you can place a password on the actual certificate so it cant be removed. Cant remote wipe the device, but force a pass-code lock that wipes after 10 fails and you have pretty much the same thing.

          Also most thieves are not interested in your corporate data. They wipe the phone straight away to remove things like Find My iPhone (well smart ones anyway lol)

          A side note, I used to love BB and this may bring me back... Maybe. And that little titbit about the O/S data use is true... Cost me a job interview once with a hardcore BB fanboy!

          I liked your educating point of view. Ability of restoring a mobile device remotely was something I was not even aware of.. Wiping and controlling, I understand are available via apps on the competition, but I have to give credit where due.. restoring it! Cool!

    Mother said 'If you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all', so this is as far as this post will go...

      Right Awn brotha'!! though I am still going to reply to the guy who commented before, because I think it would be 'nice' for him to be informed.

    This looks nice. RIM have a decent ecosystem already, all they need to do is offer some compelling hardware and I can see them easily wooing former users back into the fold.

    there's a website dedicated to blackberry news? wow.

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