The Best Shooting Challenge Entries Of 2012 Make For Beautiful Wallpapers

We have some amazing entries every week in the Gizmodo Shooting Challenge. Whether our readers are playing for prizes or not, the quality is always top notch and the images are always stunning. These are our favourites for 2012 and they make for some pretty spectacular wallpapers, too.

Georgina Luczi

Victor Osoianu

Grant Williams

Sebastian Figg

Stephen Moylan

Alex Tam

Roger Stonehouse

Nik Rasic

Joel Kong

Merlyn Cantwell

Yunis Tmeizeh

Geoffrey Brown

Jay Daley

Danny Allen

Michael Parente

Marika Angelina

MJoe Lim

Daniel Buskario


    Where is Michael Parente shot taken? For some reason it looks familiar to me..

    The images that do have a full sized image aren't really big enough to use as a wallpaper, and half of them don't even have an original resolution link.

    Its up north NSW near Woodburn or around there off the Pacific Highway, there is a disused rail line which has a bridge like that and also one that they would use to turn the locomotives around.
    Well looks very much like that area, first place i thought of.

    Thanks for adding my image and I do use it as my wallpaper, I'm happy gizmodo did not put full sized images because I don't think anyone gave them rights to do so. But im happy to share my full sized image if asked by gizmodo for you all.

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