The Asus Taichi Is Finally Going On Sale

Despite almost feeling like a distant memory now that CES has trampled on my brain, the Asus Taichi laptop is finally about to go on sale. Here's when and where you can get one.

For those who don't remember, the Taichi is a dual-screen, Windows 8 laptop. There's a fully-fledged touchscreen on the lid and a good, old-fashioned screen on the inside.

The Taichi will land on store shelves from 21 January, starting at $1599 for the Intel Core i5 model. The more powerful Core i7 model will run you $1899.

You can score the Taichi from pretty much anywhere that has anything to do with tech, including JB HiFi, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, Dick Smith Electronics, BSR, The Good Guys, Retravision, Radio Rentals, Costco and RT Edwards.

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