New Android Apps: Temple Run 2, Gogobot, And More

It's January, and it's time for some fresh, new apps. We've got you covered with two travel apps if you're thinking holiday, two games if you're thinking hibernation, and more.

Gogobot: Book basically everything you need for your next trip — your flight, your hotel, and your meals through OpenTable. Do some recon on your destination, too, with Google Street View integration. Gogobot is the ultimate travel app. Free

Minube: Whether you're sightseeing halfway across the world or half a block down from your apartment, Minube can be your guide. Discover places to peep, make lists of things to see (like Brooklyn's Best Pizza) or save those that others have made. Pick a destination, any destination. Free

Temple Run 2: Everyone has been spending all their free time playing Temple Run 2 this week, right? The sequel to your favourite coin-collecting, monkey-evading game is awesome. It's set in a whole new world where you have to run from one giant monkey. And it's totally addictive. Free

Super Hexagon: manoeuvre a little triangle around a hexagon but avoid the moving walls. With a bass-heavy soundtrack, this game is enough to set your teeth on edge. See how long you can survive. $US1

ESPN X Games: So you're saying want to see some sweet McTwists on the half pipe. You've come to the right place. Check out highlights, results, and see all the awesome tricks the X-games has to offer. Free

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