Televised Police Chase Races Past Viewer Watching Televised Police Chase

This guy was watching an LAPD car chase on TV when the cars involved in the police hunt materialised right in front of him. Obviously, he couldn't believe his own eyes. This is the ultimate 3D TV, people.

One mystery: why was he recording the TV on his phone? Perhaps the guy in the car was a pal and gave him a heads up? [YouTube via Digg]


    Fake.. slow it down around 0:31 and you will see the silver car still on the same road.. NOT turning.. maybe there is a delayed broadcast.. but as Jesus says.. why is he recording this on his phone to begin with??

      You do know that there's a couple of seconds of delay between a broadcast and the actual event, right? Its called a 'broadcast delay' and it is entirely intentional.

        Actually the delay is not always intentional = but always there nowadays.
        It's caused by the encode/decode compression latency at various points in the contribution / transmission chain from location to studio to viewer (plus the electrical propagation 'cost' mentioned below).

        The old 'analog' TV - was near instantaneous (less than a couple of frames of propagation) - unless a delay was specifically added either by design, or from the use of 'frame synchronisers' to field/frame align content for clean switching purposes... PLUS the length of time to propagate the electrical signal from coast to coast - either via land (cable/fibre or microwave) or satellite (slower) - from milliseconds to seconds.

        Aside: Live 'long-distance' interviews often delay presentation of the /local/ host relative to the /remote/ response - so the presentation appears seamless - when in fact the remote interviewee was actually lagging by a second or two when his comments arrive back at the studio for presentation switching, (The outbound studio feed /to/ the remote site was not delayed - in order to reduce the time needed for the remote site to respond as quickly as possible.... Oddly I see this technique is not used as often nowadays, as studio 'live' crosses are often unrealistically laggy in the remote response. Weird - since the delay technology is ubiquitous in digital processing.

        Oh well - there goes five minutes of my life. Or more if yo add in all the digital delays we experience !

      I think they have had a delay on there since that guy shot himself on national TV a while back.

    The Tv doesn't match what he sees out the window, but then again how could you fake 6 cop cars going past his house? That's already an event in it's own right.

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    There's a 7 or 14 second delay remember.

    Could be a time delay, or very clever fake. Just looking over it, cannot see any immediate OMG thats fake signs other than what was already posted. If it was a fake, then my guess is: The cops going past his house in that same chase are real. Then it might have been on the news later that night. He then tracked the tv and placed the footage of the news onto it.

    Which brings us to the following question: What was he really watching? haha

    News broadcasts usually have a seven second to ten second delay people, it allows them to bleep swearwords etc. Even 'live' events such as this are slightly delayed by a few seconds. Entirely possible its live as it suggests.

      I'm confused!

      Did you used to be a smurf?
      Or, are you 321?

    If I seen live footage of something like this with a chance it may pass my house, I'd probably film too.

    I never get why the cops all have to follow in a convoy. Why not split up a little bit, say, half can turn down the street after. Try and box them in a bit. There should only be say, 3 max cops directly behind the suspect.

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