Teenager Posts On Facebook About Driving Drunk, Gets Arrested

Jacob Cox-Brown had a pretty wild New Year's Eve. So wild that he decided to drive home drunk. The problem came when he decided to post about his journey on Facebook. The 18-year-old posted a message on the Big Blue explaining:

"Drivin drunk... classsic ;) but to whoever's vehicle i hit i am sorry. :P."

Sadly, a couple of Cox-Brown's Facebook acquaintances informed the police of the message, so the cops paid him a visit on New Year's morning, reports KGW. They found the teen's car with damage that exactly matched that sustained by two other vehicles the night before.

Cox-Brown was then arrested and charged with "failing to perform the duties of a driver" -- because it was too late to pin drunk driving on him, and a Facebook message isn't quite proof enough. The moral of the story: don't post messages on Facebook about the illegal things you do, dumbass. [KGW via CNET]

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    The moral of the story should just be 'Don't drink and drive!'. Lucky, he didn't kill anyone.

    And since when we refer to Facebook as 'Big Blue'? That's IBM's nickname for decades.

    Sadly, a couple of Cox-Brown’s Facebook acquaintances informed the police of the message, so the cops paid him a visit on New Year’s morning, reports KGW.

    Sadly? So you'd rather he got away with it? Are you fucking retarded?

    The moral of the story: don’t post messages on Facebook about the illegal things you do, dumbass.

    Yep, apparently you are.

      I agree Joel. I woke up one day to find someone had crashed into my car, taking out every panel on one side, and then driven off.

      It cost a LOT to fix. Very uncool behaviour. I say stick it to all of them who treat driving as a right and not a responsibility.

      They should all be sentenced to public transport for the rest of their lives. I drove up to the sunshine coast yesterday and saw 5 almost fatal accidents on the way their and back, purely by other drivers idiotic actions. It does not make sense to me, to drive in a way where scientifically, noone has the reaction time to avoid an accident. Tailgating at 120kms/hr is just the craziest.

      Last edited 06/01/13 11:24 am

        Wow, you stopped at all those accidents, checked with the paramedics that A - there were no fatalaties, and B - there were almost fatalaties, and also checked with the police and drivers that all the accidents were as a result of idiocy and not accidents or mechanical failures?

        You sure are a dedicated know it all aren't you! Lucky you seem to think you're one of the 80% of drivers who think they are above average.

        Also it's "there".

          almost accidents dude. There were no accidents, but there could've been. This is stuff I saw from people driving like idiots.

          It's dangerous, stupid and avoidable. But good to know that you seem to have a problem with people driving safely and obeying the road rules.

          Oh and actually, it's their. Their lives. As in, they possess their lives.

      I agree, I'm not precious but I find this article offensive because it almost comes across as condoning this idiocy as socially acceptable.

      Author needs to have his head checked for suggesting that his friends notifying police is an unfortunate act.

      Moral of the story? I think he needs to look up what that means - because it certainly isn't this kid doing something illegal, stupid and downright dangerous to himself and others - but then not advertising it.

        Unfortunate for the bozzo, fortunate for the rest of us....

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