Stupid Things People Did To Get A Free BlackBerry 10

Look, I know the BlackBerry Z10 looks great, but I just can't believe that some of you are doing these stupid things to get one for free.

And I really mean that. I can't believe it. I can't believe that some Deborah St Pierre decided to dance and pose in a bikini. Or that this man — a Brian Heffren — got a freaking BlackBerry tattoo! That would be just beyond stupid, right? Like getting a Zune tattoo or something.

I'm inclined to believe this stupid contest is a seriously misguided and profoundly sad PR thing, except the site is just a self-declared crackberry fanboy hub.


    I want to have Debbie's babies.

      I just want to have sex with her. She can keep the babies

    Except for the tattoo none of them are really that wild.

      The Tat isn't really that wild either, I'd guess he'll get it covered with a tiger or something when the promotion is over

    I only clicked because of the girl in the bikini.

    Complete C0cktease! :P

    Actually... A zune tattoo would look freaking awesome, and nobody I know ever used it, so I could just claim my own design!

    Become their Global Creative Director?

    You should see the stuff people do at a tech conference just to get a free t-shirt that promotes a vendors product.

    1000 cranes!? my adrenaline is coursing through my veins Thats so WILD!!!

    That htc frame around the videos is kind of annoying.... just saying enough ad's already! Ads inside of what is basically another ad....

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