SteelSeries' New Keyboards Will Suggest Improved Gaming Layouts

SteelSeries released a couple of new keyboards at CES called the Apex and Apex Raw that are targeted at the gaming community with 22 macro buttons, advanced anti-ghosting hardware and light-up keys with 16.8 million different colours. But what's particularly neat is the included analysation software that promises to intelligently improve your gameplay.

It runs in the background while you play your favourite PC games — whether it's a first person shooter or a real-time strategy adventure — and then generates a visual map of which keys you pressed most often. But it also uses this data to make suggestions on how to change and improve your keybinding to be even more efficient. It's not limited to games either, it can also be useful for other software that's heavily reliant on keyboard shortcuts like Excel or Photoshop, even if quickly adjusting your brush size isn't quite as crucial as the time it takes to reload your rifle.

[SteelSeries via Gadgetsteria]

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