Sorry Apple, The BlackBerry Z10 Is Hotter Than The iPhone

I've always hated BlackBerry phones. Disgracefully ugly bricks they were — until the BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 is hot. Truly beautiful, elegant hardware. If the OS is as nice as it seemed at CES, I will totally snatch one up.

These BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5 comparative renders by our friend Martin Hajek are great. Not only because they show off just how beautiful a phone RIM has built, but because they demonstrate why we should still care about BlackBerry. With hardware as lovely as this, it may still have a chance at coming back with a vengeance.

The comparative images were made by Martin using leaked physical data and pictures of the real thing. Both phones are 3D renderings so you can see how they look next to each other (Martin did the same with the iPhone 5, creating product shots that looked exactly like Apple's before the actual phone's release).

I love that is has zero navigation/home/crap buttons at the bottom. It does it all through the screen's touch abilities — and that's all you need. I hate stupid, lazy buttons running on the bottom of phones, Apple/Google/Microsoft.

We'll see what happens on January 30, when it's all finally revealed.

Also, check out the renders for the N10 — RIM's new model for the keyboard diehards — at the end. You can download Martin's amazing 3D models here.



    I have to agree.. BB looks freakin awesome!

    How is one round cornered rectangular glass slab hotter than another?

      Coz they are called smart phones....and as Smartness in humans is relative....smartness,glamour,style,capacity, battery, memory etc. are relative features in Smart phones...

    "I hate stupid, lazy buttons running on the bottom of phones, Apple/Google/Microsoft."

    Try again... Google's phones haven't had buttons since the the Galaxy Nexus was released on December 15 2011.

      Most have capacitive buttons or screen space is taken up by the virtual buttons. Not the case with BB10, which seems to be entirely gesture based.

      Dat Bezel.

        Instead the BB10 has the space where the virtual buttons are on my phone, taken up by a giant long ass logo saying "Blackberry".

          Which will stil be perfectly touchable. As I said, you swipe up from the bezel to get to the home screen, so it's not wasted space. It's also a smaller area than the buttons on most phones and far more aesthetically pleasing.

        That's the point that I was missing...
        Sounds like the Ubuntu demo which I liked.

      They may not have buttons on the handset but they are still there on the screen. There are no buttons like that on BB10, you achieve the same things by swiping from the edges of the bezel.

    Cleaning the smudges on the back would have been nice. Other than that, hear good things of the OS

      It is a render is it not, then the smudges are drawn on so. They are not actual phones... maybe try reading the article?

        Obviously someone didn't look at the pictures closely. They're all shot on the same background. They're not renders. Unless they some how got the same background for the comparison shots between the BB & the iPhone. They are not renders mate.

        Last edited 29/01/13 11:40 am

          You can render backgrounds too you know.

            Next you're going to tell me, you would also render on finder prints and greasy smudges...

              If you wanted to make it convincing, that is exactly what you'd do. If they were real phones, don't you think they'd have made the effort to show a few different parts of the UI on the screen, instead of the exact same thing in every shot?

                Nope. I don't think so, that might require thought from the photographer. I am sure they would rather get the right shot than worry what's on the screen.

                  iPhone 5 render WITH finger prints..........


                  By the same artist I might add.

                  I think you have been pwnd Virus. Besides I thought it was common knowledge this guy renders things incredibly realistically, including the smudges. I remember the iPhone 5 renders that looks so real well before the release date. Much the same as these phones.

    RIM had better be careful. Apple may not be too happy with that Blackberry having rounded corners.

    That bezel either needs to change to white also, or get smaller or both. That bezel is messy. You don't love yourself BlackBerry. The keypad version is hot though

      The bezel responds to touch, so they probably want it to sit with the rest of the screen, not with the chassis. n any event, I think you're wrong, it looks hot because the screen seems to extend right to the edges.

        The screen on the BB looks recessed. Kind of like a 90s TV.

        Ooooohhhhhh i see, i thought it was just the sides, not the top and bottom. I see. My bad. It could still match in colour though. :)

          Yeah, but then users might not think to use it for gestures. I like the look with just the top and bottom being separate bits.

    seems there are quite a few Tech Journo's who are eating their words about Blackberry lately...

    Please don't apologise because after 1 month of playing around with it you will return to apple with your tail between your legs begging them to take you back!!!!!

      And you know this how? The OS in my Playbook (which is what BB10 is based on) is very, very nice - really well thought out, easy to use and far less cluttered than iOS. I think a lot of users will see it as a breath of fresh air and they already have a decent app store with plenty of bread and butter apps ready to go, including well known game titles like Need for Speed (which was free for my Playbook).

    That actually looks... Pretty damn good. Well done BB on making something that actually looks like something I'd want to own!

    Anyone else think those renders look pretty fucking awesome?

    Hmm. If it's consistent with every other blackberry I've used, it will crap itself after a few weeks and become useless as it sits in my drawer at the office.

    Meh. Blackberry and RIM had their time and they pissed away their dominance. It will happen to Android and Apple too

      Really? Can I remind you that this is a new OS with new hardware and a new design. Yes, Blackberry has been drowning from its competition's success, but they've finally caught up and are ready to bring in a new phone to compete with the rest. Better late than never. Only time will tell.
      "BlackBerry 10 looks like the OS the company has needed for two years now: sleek and touch-centric, but still focused on messaging. Based on QNX, the new OS is prepared for this decade's hardware. " - The Evolution of the BlackBerry, From 957 to Z10

    It's going to take a miracle from some guy with the same first name as the author to make this a success, regardless of how good it is. Blackberry's time has been and gone. Bye bye Blackberry, end of story.

      Why? I still see dozens of BBs on a daily basis, probably as many as I see iPhones. I think there are a lot of perfectly contented BB users who are biding their time, happy to await RIM's whimsy.

        wow really, I hardly see anyone using a BB anymore, must travel in different circles.

          The only people I know who still have them are supplied with them by their corporate masters, where I.T decision making moves slower than a frozen snail on a glacier. Virtually no one actually buys them privately. Go ask some guys in a phone shop (I have) and that's what they'll tell you too. BB is deader than that snail on the glacier.

            yeah I think "probably as many as I see iPhones" is a huge exaggeration. Or maybe people that know motormouth and have iPhones keep them out of sight so as not to incite a rant.

    I have traded my iPhone 4S in for the BB10 device as i have early access, and guys it is truely amazing. Some may handle it for a minute and think 'No' but after a day you wonder where its been for so long. Its like Johhny Ives went to RIM

    I agree, we just had our Canadian friend staying for a week & Blackberry's are far more popular there than they are here. His looked awesome!

    Hey RIM, lose the HUMONGOUS Blackberry branding on the front of the phone, then we can talk. I don't care how great BB10 will be, I don't want a billboard with your name on it encouraging me to look at anything else but your hideously vandalized phone.

    I'm pretty pumped for the Z10, I think BB's really focused a lot on their software this time around, and it looks like they've got a pretty decent piece of hardware to back it up. Right now i'm waiting until tomorrow to see what the processor's like, but rumour has it that it's either a Snapdragon S4 (what was in the galaxy), or the OMAP 4 (what's in the Nook HD, Kindle Fire HD), depending on what market you're in. Here's a comparison of the two cpus:

    I have to say hat since my Torch broke last year I have been having an affair with Windows phone. I was going to check out a friends Z10 before I bought one but when I found out I could have one for £32 per month on an 18 month contract and only pay £29.99 up front for the phone I ordered one straight away. It takes all the best bits from BBs of old then adds everything that android and ios does so well then improves on this. Only had it 2 days but loving it already. The keyboard is the best touch keyboard bar none.

    Apple iphone 5S V/S Blackberry Z10 Which is better Smart Phone ???
    I believe in both but Blackberry Z10 better than Apple iphone 5s because Blackberry Z10 is a really good Smart phone From: Munnawar Pathan.

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