Sorry Apple, The BlackBerry Z10 Is Hotter Than The iPhone

Sorry Apple, The BlackBerry Z10 Is Hotter Than The iPhone

I’ve always hated BlackBerry phones. Disgracefully ugly bricks they were — until the BlackBerry Z10. The BlackBerry Z10 is hot. Truly beautiful, elegant hardware. If the OS is as nice as it seemed at CES, I will totally snatch one up.

These BlackBerry Z10 vs iPhone 5 comparative renders by our friend Martin Hajek are great. Not only because they show off just how beautiful a phone RIM has built, but because they demonstrate why we should still care about BlackBerry. With hardware as lovely as this, it may still have a chance at coming back with a vengeance.

The comparative images were made by Martin using leaked physical data and pictures of the real thing. Both phones are 3D renderings so you can see how they look next to each other (Martin did the same with the iPhone 5, creating product shots that looked exactly like Apple’s before the actual phone’s release).

I love that is has zero navigation/home/crap buttons at the bottom. It does it all through the screen’s touch abilities — and that’s all you need. I hate stupid, lazy buttons running on the bottom of phones, Apple/Google/Microsoft.

We’ll see what happens on January 30, when it’s all finally revealed.

Also, check out the renders for the N10 — RIM’s new model for the keyboard diehards — at the end. You can download Martin’s amazing 3D models here.