Sony's Waterproof Walkman: One Hour Playback From Three Minutes Of Charging

If workouts take you from pounding the pavement to plunging into the pool with little time to spare in between, Sony's new one-piece Walkman might be of some interest to you.

The one-piece design looks light and unobtrusive, while the 4GB of storage should offer enough capacity for most people's workout music. But of most interest here are two other features; this thing is super-fast to juice up and takes just three minutes of charging for one hour of playback. It's also waterproof, so you should be able to wear it in the pool with no problems. Available in black, blue, white and pink from March this year, it will cost $US100. We'll let you know about Australian availability and pricing as soon as those details are released.


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    this looks fantastic! i am currently training for a triathlon, meaning 6-8 hours a week in the pool and running, some music would be nice.

    I reckon this is a great little device. No need to have an ipod/iphone strapped to your arm, no cable bouncing around under your chin. I want this. i want this now.

    It would be good for thrashing some Dead Kennedys while I thrash some waves.

    this looks good - no need for a losable mp3 player!

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