Predictions For The Next 150 Years

There's nothing like staring at the onset of a new year and making predictions on what the next 150 years will look like. Silly predictions are the best! BBC cooked up some ideas and gave odds on what they think will happen in the next 150 years ranging from most likely to least likely and if it'll lead to utopia or dystopia.

A couple of my favourite predictions:

  • High resolution bionic eyes are on sale in 2019
  • You can upload the contents of your brain to a computer in 2021
  • Cars are now purely automated and driver free by 2040
  • Tax has been abolished in the USA in 2100

Check out their productions here and let us know what you think below. [BBC]


    I love how bioniceye and no tax are both predictions of utopian society,
    Cosmetics and monehs, no mentions of things like cured diseases? Oh well, can only hope. ^_^

    Why is China overtaking the US in the dystopia section?

      It's not. It's in the 'least likely' section.

    This is absolutely impossible to do. have a look at where they genuinely though we'd be in 100 years at the turn of the 20th century. The concept of a semiconducting computer would have been incomprehensible, now it's in your SHOE!

    Only idiots publicly attempt to predict the future, it's a great way to set yourself up for an epic fall.

      Well they won't be around in 100+ years to be ridiculed, so they won't care.

        No but I'd imagine they'll be around for the next 30 or 40....

      Wait....did you just predict an epic fail?

    upload your mind to a main frame BEFORE automatic driving cars,

    "At least one A.I. being has the status of a corporation"
    Hmm why do I think that correlates to
    "Tax has been abolished in the USA"

    There will be "tracking devices embedded the bodies of..." and there will be a "world government". Its just a matter of time...

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