Social Media Butlers Are Real At The 2012 Inauguration And Beyond

Really, the only way to celebrate the 2012 inauguration is with a $US47,000 holiday package. Right? Right. But Instagraming and Facebooking your every move can get exhausting when you're galavanting about. Where is that social media butler?

Oh. Here she is. As part of its "Inaugural Town and Country" package, The Madison Hotel is offering Victoria Devine of Anchor Media to creep on every glamorous moment of your visit to Washington DC, including a private tour of the city for you and 22 of your friends, a $US5000 shopping spree at Brooks Brothers and spa treatments.

If you give her your account credentials she'll upload everything for you on the spot or back at the hotel. And if you can fit it in, she'll even post some patriotic gems from that thing happening on the Mall. You know. That thing that's going on.

Good work, everybody. The next four years haven't even started yet and the future is already bleak. [CNBC]

Picture: Shutterstock/Steve Cukrov

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