So, Just How Many Kilometres Has Humanity's Extraplanetary Expeditions Racked Up?

While we're not measuring humanity's excursions off-world in light-years just yet, it turns out we have travelled a fair distance on non-Earthly surfaces. Here's a handy infographic showing the distances covered by our various vehicles and rovers on the Moon and Mars.

Click on the lead image for an enlarged, uncropped view.

Those of you expecting the United States to top the list, well, prepare to be disappointed. According the graphic above, compiled by, it's actually the Russian-built Lunakhod 2 (with Lunakhod apparently translating to "moon walker") at the top with 37km under its Batman-like utility belt of assorted information-gathering gadgets.

Three moon buggies from Apollo 17, Apollo 15 and Apollo 16 (in that order) make up most of the top five, with the surprisingly evergreen Opportunity Mars rover slotting into third with an impressive 35.46km on its odometer.

As for Curiosity? Less than a kilometre at this stage, but give it a chance... it's just enjoying the view.


Image: Karl Tate /

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