Silica Gel-Packed Lens Caps Suck The Moisture Right Out Of Your Camera Gear

Dust and moisture are the main enemies when it comes to keeping your photography gear in top working condition. That's why why you should consider upgrading your lens caps to BRNO's dri+Caps, which feature a compartment for a small packet of moisture-trapping silica gel.

Available in $US45 lens and body cap sets for both Nikon and Canon cameras, the dri+Caps are sealed with rubber o-rings to keep dust out, and promise to maintain an ideal humidity level of around 35 to 45 per cent which prevents the growth of fungus. It makes it easier to transition between environments with varying temperatures without having to acclimatise your gear first.

Replacement silica gel packs will set you back just under a dollar for each one, and they use clever colour changing packaging to let you know when it's time to toss the old one and swap in a new.

[BRNO via PetaPixel via PopPhoto via Nikon Rumors]

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