Show Man's Best Friend You Care With Some Doggy Booze

No man should have to drink alone — that's why we have pets. But assuming you don't want an angry PETA protest outside your house yelling about how "alcohol is bad for dogs" and you need to "stop" and "get a job", you're going to need to find an alternative solution to your solitary drinking problem.

Fortunately for you, Oregon resident Daniel Keeton has started to produce what is essentially O'Doul's for dogs: a canine-exclusive "beer" dubbed Dawg Grog. The doggy booze doesn't actually contain any alcohol, but it does blend spent grain (which is left over from the beer brewing process) with vegetable broth. Because what's soup without a little beer mixed in, as Grandma used to say before she started going to the meetings.

According to Keeton, though, his dog, Lola Jane "has never walked away from it", and she usually licks the bowl clean. But before you get too far gone, Lola, just remember, the Dawg Grog can't love you back. [Foodbeast]

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