Sherpa Mates With Magellan, Births Garmin's Oregon Personal Navigator

Don't take your phone hiking — you're probably not going to get service and bears might eat it. Instead, find your way through the woods with Garmin's Oregon personal navigator.

The 198g multitouch module uses data from GLONASS satellites and comes loaded with more than 100,000 topographical maps. Just zoom in to see more information about the region. And if you should see any mountain goats, you can snap a picture with its 8MP camera.

You're less likely to get lost because of its 3-axis electronic compass with a built-in accelerometer, so the Oregon knows which direction you're going in no matter how you hold it. Plus, you'll know if you're going to get caught in a rainstorm, because it has a barometric altimeter that tracks, as you'd suspect, the barometric pressure and altitude of your surroundings.

The Oregon should go on sale and ranges in price from $US400-$US600. It might be an essential for your next camping trip.

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