Seagate Wireless Plus Hands-On Video: This Belongs In Your Backpack

Seagate Wireless Plus Hands-On Video: This Belongs In Your Backpack

In a field so seemingly mundane as hard drive storage, it’s always nice when innovation graces us with its presence. Seagate’s newly announced Wireless Plus drives are a new generation of wireless-enabled storage devices to help you move content around your digital life easier. Through our friend, Wi-Fi, the Wireless Plus allows you to stream content for up to eight devices at a time (three for HD footage) from a battery powered 1TB hard drive.

You’ve got a smartphone and tablet, but with the plethora of content available it can be difficult to decide what makes it onto your measly storage space. Expandable memory helps to mitigate this annoyance, but many of the key players in the smartphone industry don’t even come with an expandable memory slot. The iPhone 5, Nexus 4 and Lumia 920 for examples. That’s where the Wireless Plus comes in.

This is perfect for a road warrior: with a full 1TB of storage, you won’t be leaving much behind. The drive will carry hundreds of movies, thousands of songs and photos. It’s packing a 10-hour battery life which is a three-hour bump from the old Seagate Satellite devices, which means the Wireless Plus keeps up with most all of the tablets currently on the market.

One of the key features that Wireless Plus brings to the table is its ability to back up your content wirelessly straight from your devices to the Wireless Plus, not unlike the Backup Plus from 2012. This only extends its worth as a device you travel with. It allows you to move all those holiday snaps on your smartphone over to make room for more.

When you want to access something on the road, it’s as easy as booting up the companion app which scans the files on the drive wirelessly and presents it to you in a digestible format. Even if you’re not interested in the travel aspect of the Wireless Plus, it could still make a great storage device for home sharing. Wireless Plus comes with the ability to share content on your television, using either Apple TV, DLNA, or through an app on Samsung Smart TVs. As for other smart TV ecosystems, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

This is one hard drive that belongs in your backpack. [Seagate]

Adam Hallett is reporting from CES Las Vegas as the winner of Gizmodo’s Seagate Techspert competition.