Samsung's Press Conference Was Run Off A Mac

Samsung's CES 2013 press conference yesterday was pretty awesome. We saw massive 4K TVs, sexy new laptops and some awesome graphics and presentations from senior execs. Here's a little snap from after the press conference that shows that it was run on a Mac.

As Samsung was shooing press and analysts out of the ballroom at the Mandalay Bay hotel yesterday, it had a few display flickers. That's when the great-looking press conference showed its colours: what you're looking at is the default background of a Mac running OS X Mountain Lion.



    Ummm usually during a conference you'll use whatever computers are set up FOR the event by the event organisers...
    So, who's to say they didn't set the whole thing up in PowerPoint and the organisers use PowerPoint for Mac?

    Also, display flickers? Like, equipment being switched over, just maybe?

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    Why not - Samsung are paying for it, aren't they?

    I had the Default Desktop wallpaper for Mac OS X Mountain Lion on my computer.
    Its a custom built ITX Gaming rig... not a Apple product.
    desktop wallpaper isnt proof that samsung used a Apple product.

      So Samsung is vain enough to use an Apple wallpaper because the default wallpaper is too ugly?

        um.... what does desktop wallpaper have to do with vanity?
        I change my Desktop wallpaper once every... month or so.

    As above
    But who cares anyway?
    "Know thy enemy"
    Just because you work for Samsung, doesn't mean you HAVE to use Samsung gear for everything, especially if you've been a Mac user all your life!
    If anything, it's refreshing to see that Samsung don't have an "iron fist" IT policy!

    And that's meant to be news because.....?

    So what?

    Giz is fast becoming a technology tabloid.

    So you are basing your whole argument on the wallpaper? Also I would then guess that they are using a mac book pro - don't these struggle with the 2560 x1600 resolution as it is?

    maybe they have learnt from Microsoft, often computers crash when you're giving massive tech presentations, this way they were covered if it did. "knew we shouldn't have used a mac"

    A lot of the systems driving multiple projectors etc, are usually powered by mac. Quite a few of the large conference halls in Sydney use them. The would have had the client machines feeding into them via switching ports and the mac would have handled the sequencing, video playback etc. A lot of the time, its not hardware that dictates the choice of systems, but the software. They are well designed, and can be picked up quite easily.

    A client cant simply plug into the projector. Its not simple as that. So what you probably seeing on the screen is the default machine the conference facility uses to queue up material.

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