Samsung LED Lamp Review: This Light Bulb Lasts A Generation

Television-based web browsing, Facebook-integrated refrigerators, iPad-enabled potties -- this multifunctionality craze is getting out of hand, often at the cost of a device's performance. Samsung's latest LED bulb however does the one thing it was designed to do really, really well.

What Is It?

It's a 13W LED light designed to replace a conventional 60W A19 bulb.

Who's it For?

People too busy to change a light bulb more than once every 22 years.


Steampunk sans the brass -- it's the same size as a standard A19 bulb but significantly heavier, with a ring of heat-sinking metal flanges supporting the illuminating bits at the top.

Using It

Screw it in, turn it on, go about your business.

The Best Part

You don't notice it because it behaves exactly like a conventional incandescent. It turns on instantly and evenly without flickering. It works seamlessly on dimmer switches without any hum.

Tragic Flaw

While the light works with dimmer switches, it doesn't seem to want to play nice with lamps using the three-step switch variety.

This Is Weird...

It won't fade fabrics because it doesn't emit UV light. Finally, your inside couch won't look like your outside couch.

Test Notes

  • The bulb shines with a 330-degree area spread, which makes it ideal for shaded lamps, overhead lights and other room-lighting fixtures. Reading lamps, not so much.
  • It can be used outdoors but only in a full enclosure
  • While not as searingly hot as conventional bulbs, the metal flanges on the Samsung LED can get uncomfortably warm to the touch after an hour or so of operation.

Should You Buy It?

Samsung LED Lamp A19

• Wattage: 13W • Replacement wattage: 60W • Lumens: 900 • Colour temp: 3000k • Lifespan: 25,000 hours • Size: E26 base, 11cm x 6cm • Price: $US30.


    Most important thing, does it come in different 'colours' ie. warm, white, etc... Nothing worse than a bright white light in the wrong place.

      I remember trying the first release of LED downlights and taking them out about 5 minutes after putting them in. They gave a cold, "spotty" light that gave the room a poor feel. A few years later I mentioned my experience to an importer who claimed that the technology had improved a lot since then and that the quality of the light was now comparable. As it is 11 years on and I've had to replace only 2 out of 18 halogen downlights at my place.

      The Colour Temp is how "Warm" the light is, and according to Wikipedia 2,700–3,300 K is for Incandescent lamps, at 3000K this is smack in the middle of Incandescent globes. (So yeah - it's not the blue-fluro light that everyone hates.)

      Now looking at the pictures, it's a 120V 60Hz Eddison-Screw - Which won't do you much good in Australia. (240-250V 50Hz Bayonet-Cap is the common requirements in Australia, though the Eddison-screw fittings are not uncommon)

      Last edited 22/01/13 7:07 pm

    Another thing to remember, the life-span of an Incandescent globe is a prediction of how long until it blows and it doesn't work any more - My understanding is that the life-span of an LED is a measure of how long until it only outputs 70% of the light it did when new.

    So after 22 years it'll still probably work, but you won't be sure if it's dimmer because the LED needs replacing, or your eyes do...

    Link = Broken

    How do they calculate the lifespan? To me it seems that 25000 hours equals approx 1041 days which equals 2.85 years. This assuming 24hr operation. To reach 22 years the bulb would only be used for approx 3.1 (ish) hrs per day..

      At least during perth's summer, for a light that is used heavily (sunset to bedtime on weekdays) 3 hours a day is about right. 7:30pm sunset, 11pm sleep. Winter would add around 2 hours to that figure.

      If you average out the nights that nobody is home or you use a different room (or change to other lighting for watching movies?) then it's a pretty good estimation.

    You could have at least provided a picture with it on!

      Hahaha +1 I was thinking the exact same thing.

      "hey guys instead of taking pics of the globe in action lets do it on some ugly bricks"

    We got these put in last week, they're great:

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