Samsung Is Opening A Melbourne Store At Maribyrnong In March

When Samsung opened its flagship experience store in Sydney last August, local executives said they wouldn't expand to other capitals until they "found the right site". Apparently the right site is in Maribyrnong in Melbourne's north-west, home of the Highpoint City shopping centre.

Samsung is advertising for staff for the store, with training due to commence on February 11 and run for around a month ahead of an expected mid-March opening. It's a very different environment to the existing Samsung store on George Street in Sydney's CBD, but opening store #2 in a shopping centre was exactly what Apple did after opening its first store (also on George St) as well. Fortunately, I don't think you can patent how you choose store locations. [Highpoint]


    There's a good chance my brother will be managing that store.

      I don't think so. There's an even better chance MY brother will manage that store.

        Your brother is his brother?

        He he. May the best brother win.

          May as well tell your brother to hang up his hat coz even my brothers', friends', cousin has a better chance of managing that store!

    Ohhh.... That's nice, I'm happy for your brother!

    Hopefully its not another sh!tty 'Experience' store like the Telstra Bourke st store

    Ah cool. I was wondering what they'd put in the new section in Highpoint (assuming that's where they're setting the store up).

    Wow I'm very surprised. Really High point?

    They could of picked Melbourne Central or even Chatstone.

    But woot woot! I live 7 minutes away from Highpoint!!

    Right next to the toilet entrance I gather, where you'll find all the other crap.

      Do you ever wake up in the morning and think "You know, today I think I'll just be a normal person instead of a raging downer"?

      Last edited 10/01/13 9:43 am

    Why is it somewhere so... Not central? No offence intended to the good people of Maribrynong and its surrounds.

      My thoughts as well. I can understand wanting a store in High Point and so perhaps they're just jumping at an opportunity, but a city based store would have been so much more useful for the majority of Melbournians. Here's hoping store #2 isn't too far away, both in time and distance.

    The reason the store is going there is because the demographic is just right. Not exactly brand conscious, not exactly familiar with quality, not exactly appreciative of value for money, being stuff that actually works and works well. That is a demographic that prefers cheap knockoffs and bargaining for the lowest price. Good luck working there.

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