Report: Apple Testing iPhone 6 Right Now

HERE WE GO AGAIN, GUYS. It's barely 2013 and we can officially kick off the hysterical iPhone 6 rumoring: The Next Web talked to iOS devs who are seeing The Next New iPhone testing their apps. Now.

This isn't surprising, of course -- we know there's a new iPhone coming, and there will be a new iPhone after that, and after that, until western civilisation collapses. But TNW also says iOS 7 is making an appearance alongside the test units, which were running on IP addresses from within Apple HQ. Last year, iOS 6 didn't start to pop up like this until a month before WWDC in June -- is Apple going to drop a peek at the next giant software update earlier than usual? Or are their engineers just putting in overtime to renovate the somewhat stale mobile OS? Both? Neither? We have no clue, and neither does anyone outside of Apple. There are also zero hints as to what kind of specs are in these test units. It's probably faster.

But we can at least know this: Apple is probably testing your next iPhone right now. It's probably in someone's pocket right now. [TNW via 9to5Mac]


    these iPhone romours or reports are boring me these days. the iPhone these days is boring too so let's hope that they are trying to refresh the phone instead of just putting in a faster CPU

      couldn't agree more. i skipped the 5 just because i am sick of the same shit. give us a new form factor. give us some crazy new features like they did with the first couple of generations. and ffs, please add nfc!

        and a new interface. it was one of the reasons why I went to WP7 and then on to WP8

        Yeah I agree on the 'new form factor' comment I hope they make this unbelievably successful device into some kind of clamshell flip phone with buttons on every bit of the surface and a screen on the outside that tells you how many missed calls you have on a shitty dotmatrix lcd

    16:9 is so old-school. Time to go 21:9... and add another row of icons!

      "It's our tallest iPhone yet"

      they gotta save something for next year though!

    rumour has it that it will feature a touch screen and battery combination, with the ability to take photos and connect to a cellular network for voice and data traffic.

      * may not be able to connect to cellular networks if held incorrectly.

    Yawn .. My old Palm organizer still had a better home screen

      yeah my palm does stuff my iPhone can't; but the two of them together...

        Put the two of them together... and you realise where Apple got the layout for its OS....

    I guess that they will come up with something innovating and they want to test it properly, this is why the tests started so early. They cannot afford another "Apple maps" fiasco. Well ... I guess they can, but the investors would be less than impressed - they have a tendency to drop Apple investments judging on the share price.
    Coming back to the tests: there wasn't much in the latest iOS so, again, they have to lift their performance if the want to remain somewhere at the top of the game. This means getting other services suppliers to come to the party, have the court set for the grand announcement, etc. There is a lot of work to be done (and stains to be washed).
    Hopefully they will adopt NFC so the adjacent industries can react somehow - at the moment everybody is waiting to see what Apple will do in the NFC arena. That means less business opportunities for everybody at the moment. It is possible they would come with their own version of NFC-like technology, which would divide the market and force the third party suppliers to do twice the effort for the same return. It wouldn't be surprising, considering how Apple tried to make a difference by ... well ... doing the same things differently.
    Unfortunately they opened the Pandora box by suing everybody and now the game is tight for them (and everybody else) with enormous consideration being given to not breaching some unknown patent and risking to be dragged to trial. This, somehow explains why the latest iOS and iPhone were lacking the Wow factor they used to have some years ago.
    Hopefully it will be an innovative platform and will raise the bar, which for more than a year has been held by Android.

      lots of opinion backed by not a lot of empirical data

        So AzTech, are you expecting a peer reviewed research paper in a blog post comment? Or do you simply disagree with Serban's opinions but you'd rather put Serban down rather than discuss Serban's opinions?

          It was meant facetiously, Serban wrote an essay so I commented on it as such. Sorry if you missed that wasn't meant as a put down so off your Clydesdale.


      To quote a great teacher I had last year at Tafe...

      "You expect me to read all that shit? Sum it up in four sentences or less."

        Hence TAFE teacher and not uni lecturer. What a croc of sh#t.

      I cant see them adopting NFC... Apple tend to wait ages for technologies to mature before they adopt it. And NFC isnt mature, and barely supported, especially in Australia.

      NFC is a nice idea, but just isnt there yet i beleive.

        Interesting, considering Australia has now universally adopted "Chip & Pin" the world's most widely used NFC chip.....

        NFC isn't popular because it presents issues for businesses in security of customers data. Not because it isn't mature. It's been around for 25 years.

          Yes thats right, but how many banks let you register your android phone to use its in built NFC capabailities to make payments?? Pretty sure the answer is 0 (i hope).

            Ah, yeah....because of security like I said. The actual technology is very mature. That was my point.

              Yeah, i guess your right, its pretty mature. But adoption rate has been a bit slack in terms of software that supports it for an actual useful purpose.

                Ye. And again, that's because of security- having all your details for X transaction in a chip, even for a small amount of time, on something like a phone makes those details extremely vulnerable and no one wants to take responsibility for it.

                It needs someone to stand up and take it like a man and just produce a killer app for it, then people will get over themselves and realise, like most other technologies, it has its' downsides, but if used properly to mitigate risk, it can have huge upsides.

                Can't wait till I can finally not take my card out every time I pay for something. Only time I ever pay cash these days is to get coffee from the tiny kiosk at work.

                  Agree completely. It would actually be better if they did it on the iOS ecosystem. As its more secure and apples App vetting process could make sure there's no Apps that abuse it or use it for no good.
                  It would also be harder for hardware hackers to get into the Apple version of it due to the closed source nature of the iPhone.

        NFC :

    Why are people so surprised that Apple are all ready testing the next iPhone? I bet Samsung are all so testing the next galaxy phone right now as well.

      The iPhone doesn't surprise me, I'd be surprised if they WEREN'T testing it. What I am surprised about is the news that they're possibly releasing a new iPad soon. Thats gonna sting some people. I bought the 3, Im trading it for a surface soon (fact is, the surface has Office, is more applicable to what I need and it aint a bad little machine, fanboyisms aside). I guess the rate at which the companies are updating updating updating tech these days and making shit redundant within a year to two, even with apps that won't run on incarnations 2 versions and older etc? Pisses people off. Rightly so.

        I agree with all of that except the bit about devices becoming redundant. Just because they bring out newer versions doesn't really make the old ones redundant? My iPad 3 has already been superseded but it make it no less usable than it was before that happened. And by the way I have been very careful to keep my comment within the new four sentence rule.

          We love TAFE, they really know what the word academic means. I once had an essay published with the 4 sentence rule. It won all prizes for essays. Imagine reading a scientific methods discussion in only 4 sentences, after all, that's all you need to cover your bases.

            So you've never heard of an outline then? An abstract? Anything under 500 words generally can be summed up in that brief space. 10% of the original size of the article for the abstract generally. Obviously you don't like tafe, it's helped me get to University, but you're definitely no academic yourself...

        I don't think a new iPad in early 2013 would be surprising. The iPad 4 was a very iterative release and seems very much to have been released largely to get lightening onto the iPad family given they were updating the iPod, iPhone and releasing the iPad Mini all within a two month period. The 4th iPad really did look like a stop gap release to get the iOS family on a standard connector, and as such I think a new iPad early this year isn't out of the question, as well as a return to yearly release cycles.

          Interesting points and well founded, it's entirely possible, hope that is the case.

    Will be just the iPhone 5s (iPhone 5 Steve edition)

    It is only an iPhone. They start leaking this stuff so people talk about it which equals sales.
    They aren't anything special these days

    This time it's 1.5mm thin!

    I wonder if they will go for iPhone 6 or 5s. Depends how different it is i guess...

    For me - the secrecy and mystery surrounding Apple products isn't as powerful as it used to be.

    Admittedly I'm not a fan of their user experience (I prefer to choose my own) and I don't personally own any iProducts but have bought 2 iPhones and an iPad for the folks - however, I've always been interested to see what Apple come up with for their next iteration(s) because it encourages my preferred platform/manufacturer be better.

    I hope the stiffer competition with Android (and Windows Phone) forces Apple to come to the market with something fresh - which in turn pushes Samsung, HTC, Nokia etc. to do the same - and around we go (a good thing). I'd love to see widespread NFC adoption so I could use my phone to make purchases, travel on the train (even with Melbourne's horrendous Myki system) etc.

      For me - the secrecy and mystery surrounding Apple products isn't as powerful as it used to be.

      Blame the inability of their Chinese and Brazilian manufacturers to keep parts under wraps.

    Introducing... WIDGETS!.. first time ever, apple invented them no one else, shut up or we'll sue you

      I would love it if Apple copied android and everyone else and did their own iteration of widgets. The notification centre widgets are a bit boring. Honestly would have thought they would have done more with that.

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