Remote Control Skates Would Have Made Getting Around CES Much Easier

The feet of almost every tech journo in Las Vegas hurt right now. It stems from hoofing it around the kilometres of CES show floor, between meetings and to and from hotels. If I had these remote control skates, though, I doubt I'd feel anything but bliss.

They're called the Spinkix Rocket Skates and they're essentially boots with wheels paired to a remote control. You strap your feet in, hit the remote and you're on your way.

They can hit a top speed of 16kph and the battery will go for about 10 kilometres before it wears down. Not a bad way to get to work, that's for sure.

The Spinkix were launched on Kickstarter in February of last year, and now they're finally real. This Kickstarter thing is pretty good, eh?

Riding these things just seems like such a peaceful way to get around.

Watch one of the Spinkix people zipping around CES.

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