REDRAY Hands-On: A Giant Black Death Star Full Of Beauty

The only problem with 4K TV, other than being too expensive for anyone who isn't a Prince William, is that there's no good way to get 4K stuff to watch. Right? RED is selling a super-HD streaming box that says otherwise.

The Redray — and I'm not going to spell it in all-caps anymore because I hate that — is a dedicated deck for 4K movies. It's packing a 1TB hard drive inside, plus an SD port and USB 2.0 (ugh) for loading up video on that big sucker. You'll also be able to download films from a cloud service called Odemax, which I've never heard of, and won't tell us what movies will be available.

So, on paper it's not that great. But on a Toshiba 4K display, the box beats its paper rep: even compressed way down in file size, the movies look phenomenal. And that compression bit is crucial: native 4K video is enormously, ludicrously giant. Nobody will be able to download them for a long time, and they won't fit on any disc. So knowing that shrinking them to 2.5 MB/sec doesn't ruin the footage — far from it! — is terrific news. Every single scene looked phenomenal, without any noticeable artifacting or video blemishes. So, if RED can solidify a less ambiguous means of buying (or renting!) 4K files, this thing could make owning a 4K set, someday, less painful. At least when (or if) it ever comes down from a pro-only price of $US1450. [Redray]

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    At 2.5MB/sec, the average 90 min movie would still be 13.5 gigs in size. And they only put USB 2.0 on it?? Massive fail.

      afaik usb2.0 can definitely manage 2.5MBps - if it can stream from the usb device (and provide a powered port for >=2.5" drive enclosures) instead of needing the file copied over, there is not that much of an issue.

    Can't WAIT to get porn on that thing!

      A money shot and gaping in nice 4K definition, I for one can't wait.

    "Nobody will be able to download them for a long time, and they won’t fit on any disc."

    But i thought the Blu ray has the potential to be a multi-layered with 100s of gigabytes of capacity...this would mean you only need a bluray player with 4K output...

    and I’m not going to spell it in all-caps anymore because I hate that
    USB 2.0 (ugh)
    Odemax, which I’ve never heard of

    Sam not in a good mood?

    What good is a 4K streaming service when internet service providers force data caps on their customers? Do these companies not realize how far behind ISPs are? Do they not realize how much internet usage this would suck up?

    Red vs Blue gadget PSA 2009: "everybody knows this year's Blu-ray, is gonna be Red-ray"
    Bit early, but proves just how intelligent Sarge is.

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