Recycling Can Be Fun With This Paper Towel Tube Building Set

There are countless reasons we should be recycling our garbage as much as possible, from dwindling natural resources to the harm our disposable lifestyles are doing to the planet. But perhaps the most convincing reason to recycle, at least your empty paper towel and toilet paper cardboard tubes, is this fantastic Toobalink building set.

Out of the box it's just a random collection of connectors and adapters, but mix in an assortment of cardboard tubes and suddenly you've got an infinite number of creations waiting to be assembled. It seems like a particularly great gift around the holidays given the mountain of cardboard tubes you have leftover from gift wrapping. So keep the $US35 starter set in mind for next December, and start amassing a horde of cardboard tubes immediately.

[Toobalink via 7Gadgets]

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