Rdio Has Free Music Streaming Now

Rdio Has Free Music Streaming Now

Despite the veritable glut of music streaming services now on offer in Australia, getting good music for free has always been difficult. You’ve either had to put up with adds, cough up a credit card or engage in some other mechanic to get the good stuff on the free and easy. Now, though, Rdio has you covered, by giving new customers access to six months worth of free streaming — no credit card required.

Previously, Rdio was only giving you one-week worth of free streaming before you had to pay the $8.90 per month subscription fee.

Now, Rdio is offering you free streaming via its web platform for six months with no credit card required on sign-up. You won’t be able to listen via mobile or sync your songs offline, though. That’s still reserved for premium customers who pay the $12.90 per month.

Also, the free offer does have a cap on the number of songs you can listen to per month with no charge, but we’re yet to figure out where the cap comes in and what happens when you hit it. Not because we haven’t asked — it’s literally because Rdio won’t say for “legal reasons”. To track the amount of music you have left, you’ll need to keep your eye on a bar on the top, right side of the Rdio window.

Here’s the official line from Rdio:

We’re not able to go into any more detail/specifics on number of songs due to legal reasons. The meter at the top of the page will let users know how much music they have available each month.

Either way, it’s still better than pirating the music.