Putter Pool Brilliantly Merges Two Of The World's Laziest Sports

If you need any more proof that we're giving Nobel Prizes to the wrong people, behold the brilliant creation that is Putter Pool. It takes billiards and golf — arguably two of the laziest 'sports' known to man — and merges them into an indoor game that barely requires you to get up off the couch. Genius!

If you've ever played a round of mini golf you're pretty much up-to-speed on how a game of Putter Pool goes down. The only difference is that you've got six holes to choose from instead of just one, and you're strongly encouraged to hit the other balls on the green. For $US80 the set comes with everything needed to occupy a couple of kids for an afternoon, but unless Putter Pool suddenly becomes an overnight sensation, don't get your hopes up about raising another Tiger Woods.

[HearthSong via Fancy]

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