Purported Press Images Of Blackberry Z10 Leaked

A new set of pictures, purporting to be official press images of BlackBerry's new Z10 handset, have popped up on the internet courtesy of @evleaks.

While a pinch of salt is still required, these match up remarkably well with previously leaked photographs of a switched-off device, that appeared back in December. That suggests that you probably are looking at the phone that RIM hopes will save it.

And you know what? It's kinda nice. Nothing outrageously amazing, sure, but it's neat, sleek, and still retains that air of BlackBerry too. Given that the company's new OS, BB10, seems to be surprisingly OK, there may still be a chance for RIM yet. It's only concern now is whether it can manage to leverage sales when it's so late to the party. Let's wait and see. [@evleaks]



    This needs a killer app, otherwise it's a me too product. If RIM think it can waltz back into corporate and convince IT and business users to switch back from their Android or iPhone devices without some sort of massive benefit, they're delusional.

    Backberry?Is that still a thing these days?

      In the corporate world and in India/Pakistan/et al, it's actually still pretty big. Just the rest of the consumer population are moving on since we're now able to lock down Android, Apple and Windows devices, integrate them into an organizations mail system and remotely wipe them if need be. BlackBerry had this over pretty much everyone for a very long time and was one of the main reasons it was so popular in the corporate environment (that and people who were sending emails from them all the time preferred a physical QWERTY keyboard). I'm still not sure why they are so popular in India etc though? Anyone shed any light on this? Pretty sure it was something to do with the wireless infrastructure.

        Yes, and that BBM is a big deal for non-1st world countries where the average consumer earns less than their 1st world counterparts. Adding to that, BB products can be had for cheap (older models)

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