Pubic Lice Is Becoming An Endangered Species Because Everybody's Getting Brazilian Waxes

According to doctors, public lice or crabs or whatever the hell that makes people scratch down there is disappearing because everybody is getting Brazilian waxes. We're killing them off by destroying the forests they love to live in. Hooray for hairless humans!

According to studies, 80 per cent of college students in the US remove all or some of their pubic hair. That's an eviction notice for all crabs — public lice can't live where there's no where to live, you know. Some health clinics haven't even seen a pubic lice case in 5 years. Ian F. Burgess, a medical entomologist with Insect Research & Development Ltd. in Cambridge, England told Bloomberg:

"Pubic grooming has led to a severe depletion of crab louse populations. Add to that other aspects of body hair depilation, and you can see an environmental disaster in the making for this species."

So you see, this is the one instance where habitat destruction is a good thing. For the pests that are pubic lice, for the quality time that is coupling and for everybody's general cleanliness. When science works with sex, good things come out of it. [Bloomberg, Image Credit: Creativa/Shutterstock]

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