Pro Photographer With Crappy Camera Proves Hardware Doesn't Matter

There's a notion among amateur photographers that spending thousands of dollars on high-end DSLRs will instantly turn every shot into a masterpiece. But in reality, a talented and skilled photographer can create magic with any calibre of hardware -- even a $US20 Buzz Lightyear camera designed for three year-olds, as David Hobby of Strobist proves.

Accompanied by only a trio of low-end flash units, David joined DigitalRev's Kai Wong on a Hong Kong shooting challenge that forced him to rely on his skills and resourcefulness in lieu of highly customisable hardware. And not surprisingly, the results are far more impressive than what most DSLR-touting tourists are able to capture.

[YouTube via PetaPixel]


    This was digitalrev's best video to date. It really showed how resourceful a pro-tog needs to be. All pros say that a big part of photography is about problem solving, thinking on your feet and utilising everything you have at your disposal in creative ways. David Hobby had some incredible things to shoot. The photos are of course well composed but ultimately the resulting shots are meh compared to the amazing shots you could get using the auto setting on your average tourist camera. but of course that is completely missing the entire point of this video.

    And when this guy turns up to your wedding with a Buzz Lightyear camera you'll be really impressed with he's professionalism. I wonder how much he's wasted over the years on all those overpriced camera's and lenses he's bought?

    I think he is cheating with the pro flash and filters. I want to see the results if he can only use the camera and it's flash. Lets see how resourceful he is then.

    I wish a few of the people (10+) I know on facebook understood that spending $2000 on a camera does not make you a professional photographer, and it definitely doesn't make you an artist.

      I cringe when I see a dull, over saturated, and poorly composed photo with a 'JohnSmithPhotography' watermark on the bottom...posted on the 'JohnSmithPhotography' website or Facebook page
      John Smith is just a fake name for this example, no offense is meant!

      Yep, though it is always a good place for a laugh with a couple of mates

        OH (insert diety) I clicked some links and well......Laughed lots and shared
        Thanks for the link

    I like how his flash had both 'fuq' and '69' on it.

    I thought I was going crazy when he called it an Audi Quattro.

    Mud. With features that could keep any Apple iPhone user with the intellect of a 3 year old happy for hours.

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