Pop-Out Brush Arms Let This Samsung Robo Vac Defeat Dusty Corners

As smart as they may be at mapping out their surroundings and cleaning almost every inch of your home's floors, the design of most robot vacuums makes them useless at tackling corners. A failing that Samsung may have just eliminated with its new Smart Tango Corner Clean vacuum that the company will supposedly officially unveil at CES.

Its round design still means the vacuum won't be able to squeeze into corners to suck up dust and dirt, but it's packing a secret weapon in the form of two pop-out arms with spinning brushes that will sweep debris towards the vacuum's opening. In reality it's kind of a bandaid solution to the problem, but if it means one less area to clean by hand, who are we to look a robot gift horse in the mouth?

There's no pricing or availability details at this point, just a handful of photos and a brief description that popped up on the Samsung Tomorrow Flickr page. But you can expect more information to be released come CES which is less than a week away.

[Flickr via Engadget]

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