Plair Dongle Lets You Send Video To Your TV Via Wi-Fi

This sleek little dongle, called Plair, is a neat little solution for slinging video from any number of devices to your TV. Simply plug it into an empty HDMI port and beam media to it via Wi-Fi.

Sure, there are plenty other ways to do that already — principally AirPlay and the upcoming Miracast — but this is a perfectly neat solution too. With custom apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, it lets you throw local video, TV shows or content from a raft of websites to the TV in question. Seems particularly straightforward for people who aren't after anything too fancy.

Available in late January this year, it only costs $US100 — which might well make it worth a look if you're after a simple way to stream video to your dumb TV. [Plair]

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    Hmmm. It seems from their website (and ios app) that they will only let you stream things from inside the app; and you cannot import files into it from other apps; so any videos you already have would not be able to be played?
    Not the wireless all-in-one solution it makes itself out to be.

      In the Android app, you can send music and videos stored on your device to the Plair. Maybe just Apple controlling your life as usual...

    That video -> No Freaking Way? Yes freaking way.

    If this thing runs without additional power, then I say thumbs up...

    However, my experience with low powered devices is that they do not stream very well at all...

    Seems ok if it works, what I really want is an external HDD I can connect to my TV via USB, then copy video files from my computer to the HDD through wifi and watch on the TV from the HDD

    I am looking forward to playing games on my pc through my lounge TV using Steam big picture mode and a wireless controller. My computer is in the next room so running a HDMI cable is inconvenient but if my controller works through the wall I will use this frequently.

      Although I think I would probably be able to find a wireless HDMI connector cheaper.

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