Plair Dongle Lets You Send Video To Your TV Via Wi-Fi

This sleek little dongle, called Plair, is a neat little solution for slinging video from any number of devices to your TV. Simply plug it into an empty HDMI port and beam media to it via Wi-Fi.

Sure, there are plenty other ways to do that already — principally AirPlay and the upcoming Miracast — but this is a perfectly neat solution too. With custom apps for Android, iOS, OS X and Windows, it lets you throw local video, TV shows or content from a raft of websites to the TV in question. Seems particularly straightforward for people who aren't after anything too fancy.

Available in late January this year, it only costs $US100 — which might well make it worth a look if you're after a simple way to stream video to your dumb TV. [Plair]

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