Piggybacking Rewindable Bluetooth Headphones May Never Go MIA

Sure, wireless Bluetooth headphones are a lot more convenient to wear since you're not always tugging at a cable and you never have to untangle them. But don't forget that cutting the cord also means you no longer have a safety tether guaranteeing your headphones don't go missing — a problem that FELT Audio has elegantly solved with its new REWIND wireless earbuds.

The compact module not only features Bluetooth hardware for connecting to your wireless devices, but also a microUSB rechargeable battery good for four hours of continuous use, and a clever cable rewinding system that all but guarantees you'll never have unravel a web of wires again. The REWIND also piggybacks on one of FELT Audio's iPhone cases so when not in use you'll always have a pretty good idea of where it is. Expect pricing and availability details to be revealed sometime next week during CES.

[FELT Audio]

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