Panasonic Shows Off A Comically Large 4K Tablet

We've seen like a hundred (not really but it seems like it) 4K TVs at CES so far, but apparently there are UltraHD tablets too. Panasonic just whipped out one of these pixel-packed devices at its keynote. And it's enormous.

The screen looks beautiful because, duh, double pixels. It looks super thin, runs Windows 8 and it comes with a stylus. But it has a 20-inch screen. You can't carry that comfortably. If it ever comes out, it'll be strictly for professional applications and ludicrously expensive.


    Dear Santa, hope you had a nice short holiday. Now get back to work and add this to my list for next Xmas!!

    This is obviously not going to be marketed as a device you can fit in your pocket but this article comes across as negative as its almost as if the reporter expects it should be smaller. From the image above, it appears it would be ideal for viewing schematics, plans etc and more portable to carry than a 20 inch laptop. Panasonic is targetting a niche market with this one and likely dont care if its too large for little Johnny to play on.

    You have to also remember that people used to carry around large presentation folders all the time for various industries, marketing etc (and still do). If this thing fits in a slimline briefcase I think it will do ok in the market its targeted at.

    Horses for courses, dont shoot the long distance runner simply because he didnt do well in the sprint.

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