Old-Fashioned Lighting Meets Modern Style In These Stone Candleholders

Lucky for you a well-lit night is just a lightswitch away, but it wasn't always that easy. The "Weight Here" family of candleholders by Menu harkens back to a more fiery time, with a flourish of sleek minimalist design.

The collection contains single candleholders and three-pronged candelabras in thin models for normal candles, and thicker ones for, you know, thicker ones. The body of each holder is made of Polystone, a resin and stone-powder mixture, which gives them a solid heft to go along with that smooth, minimal aesthetic. These make a handy weapon not only against the darkness but also any intruders that might be hiding in it.

Price and availability have yet to be announced, but the collection is said to be coming soon. And if you like their style, then they should definitely be worth the weight. [Kibisi via Aquiremag]

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