Nine People Who Actually Need A 128GB iPad

The monster 128GB iPad is here, but you almost definitely don't need it. For a solid grand, you might as well buy a MacBook Air or three years' worth of toilet paper. Unless, of course, you are one of the following.

Doctors. You have tons of charts and reference materials that you'll need at your fingertips. Plus your hospital is picking up the tab, so why not?

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Architects. Big blueprints for new buildings take up a lot of space. And if you're working on several plans at once, you're going to need many, many gigabytes.

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Car designers. The software to create the next hot Beamer, Benz or Bentley is pretty hefty stuff. Tack on ill-conceived prototypes, various colours, samples, fabric options and so on, and you've got yourself a handful.

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Film editors: Ever heard of a director's cut? Movies take up a vault's worth of space, so much so that you're lucky if 128GB gets you through a few days of raw footage.

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Photographers. This one's obvious -- you're likely carrying around a lot of your work with you. And by work, we means lots of big photos with big resolutions.

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Fashion people. Making those Air Yeezys takes mega software, lots of sample designs and fabrics, pictures of models, samples and plans to source all that shit from China.

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Nuclear physicists. Formulas, figures and particle acceleration. With all the reference materials these bright minds need on a daily basis, a mega-pad makes sense.

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Oprah. She runs her own TV network, she's Oprah, and OK, she's Oprah. Sure, she raveda bout Surface -- but she did it from an Apple tablet. And let's be real, she would totally use a Big Daddy iiiiiiiiiPaaaaaaaddddddd!

Astronauts. Sure, there's a heaping helping of technical stuff our spacemen need. But also movies and books and such because space gets really boring. They can even make a video diary to stave of cabin fever.

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Filthy rich arseholes. Attention, 1 per cent! Get your assistant to camp out for this tablet, lest your peers doubt your wealth and you lose all your richpeople points and next summer you end up the laughing stock of the eastern suburbs.

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    App developers don't even get a mention..

    What the hell kind of editor edits a film on an iPad?

      Probably the same kind of people shooting a film on their iPhone.

        A film editor edits FILM, not iPhone video. He may use digital proxies for off-line work but that's about it.

          That was the sound of sarcasm going right by you.

      I don't think they are saying the editing is actually done on the iPad. But if you've got lots of shots on the device you can watch them back and take notes. "The flashback scene plays a little slowly. Let's cut that down a little."

        Possible but very unlikely. I doubt you'd even get reliable, realtime playback from something like an iPad unless you can change the refresh rate to match the frame rate of the edit.

          I know you hate Apple with a burning passion, but did you really just try to say that the latest iPad is incapable of reliably playing video clips?

            Reliably playing video clips at the correct frame rate. Being able to play back video at the correct frame rate requires that the refresh rate be a multiple of the frame rate. e.g. With a 50Hz refresh rate you can playback 25 fps video at the correct speed. Film runs at 24fps, so it would require a frame rate of 48Hz and it seems unlikely to me that iPad supports this. To be fair, very few TFT screens of any description do so it's not specifically an iPad issue. But if you're talking about timing of edits, it would matter to a film editor.

              Adobe have software coming that allows master files of video to be stored on a server, and edited via less capable hardware using lower res versions that store the Edit descision list for rendering out with the server later.
              As an editor, I would love to be able to walk away from my desktop and preview and collaborate edit decisions with a tablet

          You're an iDiot

      doctors are really the only reasonable profession from this list that I agree with, everyone else is primarily office based. Leslie, Do you actually know what an architect does???

      It'd be nice to see engineers added to the list.

      Last edited 30/01/13 11:58 am

        I'd even wonder about doctors. X-rays are greyscale, which makes for small file sizes, even at high res, and other data like MRIs and the like probably have an even more limited colour palettes.

        I disagree with most of them. I know many people who work in the medical field (including pharmacists, GPs and specialists) and who work at hospitals in my city and they use iPads at the moment and can cope very easily as all the information they need is from individual services on the network which all have their own clients for iPads etc and so don't store the information on the iPad itself. If it was stored on the iPad, it would be a security hazard and a waste of space as most people aren't in hospitals for very long at all.

      As an editor I'd love edit from the iPad if it was shot on that, To have the ability to edit right after a scene is shot would be fantastic, even if its only a rough.

      Of course without a decent app or Camera built into the iPad right now it's not a viable option right now, so the 128GB wouldn't be worth much.

    No hospital in the world would allow 128GB worth of patient data on a IPad (at least I hope not). At a guess, they would have a patient management app and store that kind of data on their servers...

    Last edited 30/01/13 11:04 am

      I agree. That stuff should be on a secure server and never on the device itself.

        double agree... in which case you wouldn't need the 126Gb...

        Maybe they need the 128GB for Grey's Anatomy.

        (and before you ask the question, the answer is: Both)

        Last edited 30/01/13 12:00 pm

      Doctors can however keep textbooks and journals on the device.

      Speaking as a doctor, you're right. It probably wouldn't be allowed but more than that, there would be no point. For one's own record keeping, it can be necessary to keep specific pieces of confidential patient data on a personal computer, for example keeping track of surgery stats and outcomes/complications, but there is no need for it to be on a portable device like an iPad.

      And on the text book front, 128 Gb is stupidly too much for text books.

    Hate this 1% bs, they do understand that they are already part of the 1% if they're rich enough to be in a first world country don't they. It's the 1% of the 1% that they're whinging about.

    Or a finance department with a brain will spring for an android tablet with SD card slots. Magical technology to expand the storage of a device that Apple hasn't grasped yet.

    Or an IT department with a brain will just use a secure centralised database and rely on local wifi/4G to stream the needed data.

    Options which would be cheaper than buying this PoS.

      Or a Win8 tablet that productivity software will actually run on.

    As a photographer, I just wanted to state that I WILL NOT be buying a 128GB iCrap.

    You know from the look on his face that the Doc is using his Hospital provided Ipad to look at Cat memes!

    That guy drawing the car... looks like Bill Hader. Lol

    I dunno about iPads, but I know a lot of music lovers and audiophiles who would love to have more storage on their phones and media players for music. For one, some people have huge libraries of music, and it's nice to have access to all of it on one device instead of having to sync a little bit of it at a time and keep rotating your music. Secondly lots of people like to keep their music in an uncompressed format such as flac (or alac if you're using iTunes), which means each file is way bigger than the average mp3, and therefore takes up a lot more space. So the need is definitely there - personally I'd love to have a 128GB smartphone. This upgrade is certainly priced high towards businesses though, so I hope they scrap the current pricing model and move everything down one notch for the next version.

      I reckon you are much closer to reality than the author of the article. My music collection is more than 90Gb and I can't see any point in a tablet that won't fit it all on. That said, when I started putting stuff on the 32Gb microSD card for my new phone, I was amazed at how little of it is stuff I think I might actually want to listen to. In the end I only put about 21Gb onto it and, if anything, I erred on the side of caution. i.e. I put things on there that I probably won't ever want to listen to. I could easily have been more ruthless and got it down to 15Gb or so, I reckon.

      Thats the reason here too - movies while away, and music for normal use. While my iPhone is normally for music, and the iPad for movies/tv shows, there is some crossing of the lines at times for some things

      I store about 18GB of movies on the iPad permanently (video's that are often watched for business needs), 5-10GB of books, 20GB of images, 5GB of apps and the rest sort of floats up and down as needed.

      Do I need a 128GB iPad? No, but when I next get one it will be a 128GB, for the same reason I have the largest size iPhone and iPad now - flexibility, and noty needing to decide what I want to copy to the iOS device for this trip away, meeting etc.

        Just out of interest, if someone came out with a 256Gb tablet running another OS, would you consider changing over? Because it seems ot me that a 128Gb Surface with a microSD card will still be the storage king.

    Plus your hospital is picking up the tab, so why not?

    Our hospitals in Victoria just got +$100million stolen by the Gillard's Federal Government. They have no money to operate or open more beds, let alone buy fancy, over-priced ipads...

    But I understand why they may be good

      After speaking with someone who deals with hospitals in in ACT and how ineffcient they are in various aspects of what they do I have an interesting tidbit of information.

      NSW and VIC lose somewhere in 100million+ in freight costs and wasteage alone and refuse to adopt the same principle that ACT uses to save them these millions.

      Not everything has to do with the Government doing things wrong. Sometimes its just stupid people doing stupid things.

      Like buying Apple related products!

    I agree with Yrrnn 128GB would be very useful in the iPod or iPhone. Having said that, I would love 128GB in my iPad so I can carry many movies at hand and I have several large media rich apps now which are in the vicinity of 1GB each. But I tell ya 128GB in the new thinner form factor is going to be kick ass.

    the photographers is crap.
    my sister is a photographer.
    a windows tablet would suit her MUCH better as she has got a dual memory card camera, she is able to removve the sd card, plug it into the tablet and ready to work.
    no uploading low quality pics, put the card in, and view it there and then.

      You can do that with this

    128GB is not much..
    Unless you let me add a micro SD.

    256GB on the other hand would be plenty, heaps of movies and heaps of music with plenty of room for whatever else.
    But it is all still to expensive..

    I have been to a couple of specialists who use Panasonic Toughbook tablets due to the specialised windows based medical software they use but it's sync'd to a server. I doubt the software they use will ever end up on an iPad. Maybe they could use a Surface Pro now but the Toughbooks can really take the hard knocks of non-office environments.

    I love the face that the doctor is making.... "Hee hee hee... the hospital paid for me to download porn!"

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