Nine People Who Actually Need A 128GB iPad

Nine People Who Actually Need A 128GB iPad

The monster 128GB iPad is here, but you almost definitely don’t need it. For a solid grand, you might as well buy a MacBook Air or three years’ worth of toilet paper. Unless, of course, you are one of the following.

Doctors. You have tons of charts and reference materials that you’ll need at your fingertips. Plus your hospital is picking up the tab, so why not?

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Architects. Big blueprints for new buildings take up a lot of space. And if you’re working on several plans at once, you’re going to need many, many gigabytes.

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Car designers. The software to create the next hot Beamer, Benz or Bentley is pretty hefty stuff. Tack on ill-conceived prototypes, various colours, samples, fabric options and so on, and you’ve got yourself a handful.

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Film editors: Ever heard of a director’s cut? Movies take up a vault’s worth of space, so much so that you’re lucky if 128GB gets you through a few days of raw footage.

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Photographers. This one’s obvious — you’re likely carrying around a lot of your work with you. And by work, we means lots of big photos with big resolutions.

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Fashion people. Making those Air Yeezys takes mega software, lots of sample designs and fabrics, pictures of models, samples and plans to source all that shit from China.

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Nuclear physicists. Formulas, figures and particle acceleration. With all the reference materials these bright minds need on a daily basis, a mega-pad makes sense.

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Oprah. She runs her own TV network, she’s Oprah, and OK, she’s Oprah. Sure, she raveda bout Surface — but she did it from an Apple tablet. And let’s be real, she would totally use a Big Daddy iiiiiiiiiPaaaaaaaddddddd!

Astronauts. Sure, there’s a heaping helping of technical stuff our spacemen need. But also movies and books and such because space gets really boring. They can even make a video diary to stave of cabin fever.

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Filthy rich arseholes. Attention, 1 per cent! Get your assistant to camp out for this tablet, lest your peers doubt your wealth and you lose all your richpeople points and next summer you end up the laughing stock of the eastern suburbs.

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