Nikon's Mid-Range D5200 DSLR Finally Arrives In The US

After bouncing around overseas for a couple of months, Nikon's update to the D5100 DSLR is finally heading to the US. As with its predecessor, the D5200 is a step-up from Nikon's ultra-beginner model, which these days is the pretty lacklustre D3200. Basically, the D5200 has a number of features that the D3200 is badly missing.

The D3200 costs $US700 with and 18-55mm kit lens whereas the D5200 will cost $US900 with the lens when it's available at the end of the month. What do you get for the extra 200 bones? Even though both cameras have 24-megapixel, APS-C sensors, the D5200's image quality should be better on paper. It shoots slightly higher-bit RAW files, and its image processing gives you much better high-ISO performance. While the D3200 can shoot at an expanded ISO of up to 12,800, Nikon claims the 5200 can shoot up to 25,600 without losing your images to the noise.

The D5200 also has a few spec bumps compared to the 3200 that will make your life easier also has a much more sophisticated 39-point autofocus system that's faster and more accurate and faster than the old 11-point AF sensor. That's huge because the AF on the D3200 is a nightmare to use. The D5200's screen also flips out and tilts.

For $US900, the D5200 still falls under that crucial $US900 beginner threshold. We'll check it out as soon as we can to see if these improvements actually make a difference. [Nikon]

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